90% of C-level executives see recruiting IT talent as a top business challenge.

“IT Talent Wars and the Gig Economy Survey”, Appirio

58% of employers value soft skills higher than a computer science degree when hiring tech talent.

“Is the Tech Talent War Hurting Innovation?”, Indeed

Between 2015 and 2020, the number of unfilled tech positions is expected to double in the EU.

“e-Skills in Europe”, Empirica

Codecool is coming soon to Bucharest

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Codecool finds, trains and matches IT talents to your company’s needs.

How can we help you

  • Find

    Where you see a talent gap, we see a talent pool. We are a multi-location tech talent hub that recruits and trains future coding superstars ready to jump-start their career with your company.

  • Train

    We teach our students how to think and how to grow as developers – and as employees. We equip them with both hard and soft skills that are truly valuable, always up-to-date and a real asset to any team.

  • Match

    Codecoolers are not just job candidates. They’re perfect fits. From day one, our students learn how to ace the exact same things they will be doing once they’re hired, from mainstream technologies to company-specific tasks.

Why we do this

As seasoned veterans of the Central European start-up scene, we have all built up companies from scratch and turned them into a success story. Having worked with thousands and thousands of programmers over the years, we know the tech market like the back of our hands and see exactly what skills are needed to close the ever-widening skills gap in the sector. This is why we created Codecool. We had one goal in mind: to create the best available coding course in the region by teaching exactly what the market is telling us to teach.

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