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We quest for young talents with the appropriate skill set and motivation to learn programming.



We use innovative training methods and focus on inspiring students to learn computer programming.



Do you have IT sourcing problems? We have programmers for you.

Who is a Codecooler


Codecool students develop comprehensive skills in mainstream technologies. The curriculum includes among others: Python, C#, Java, SQL, Git and various web technologies. Technology is changing fast and the spectrum is widening. Therefore we train Codecoolers for a future proof, platform-agnostic mindset.


Soft skills are often more important than knowing a specific tech or tool. The training is practice oriented from the very beginning and focuses on soft skills as well. This approach and real life project experience yield the result that Codecoolers are great team players and problem solvers.

Specific knowledge

Each company has its individual needs. We are prepared to do company specific trainings during the last trimester of the education. This can include technologies, tools or domain specific trainings. With this you can make your onboarding much faster.

Quick Codecool facts

Founded in late 2014, we have launched our first course in September 2015. Our first students have started to work in the second half of 2016. In the same period 250+ students are attending our courses. In 3 years more than 500 Codecool graduates will be working in the industry in Europe.


Company mission

We ease the recruitment pain of IT companies by bringing smart young people to the market. We find talented people and feed their motivation to learn programming. This results in sparkling eyed juniors with knowledge and skills required by your company.


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