Application process

Ready to change your life? We have courses starting every two weeks so why wait? Learn all about the selection process below and pop in your details to apply and kick-start your new career. We’ll be right in touch with the next steps.

You’ll have one week to complete the four steps of the online application, assessing your English language and logical thinking skills as well as your motivation and attitude. We’ll keep you posted about how you’re doing and what’s next at every stage. And we can’t wait to get to know you.

Here's what to expect

  • Step
    Prerequisite survey

    Fill in our short online survey to make sure you have all the information you need about the course.

  • Step
    English test

    Take an online reading comprehension test in English so you have a feel of what it will be like to learn coding using English-language materials.

  • Step
    Logical thinking test

    Take our online logical thinking test to measure your problem-solving and pattern recognition skills.

  • Step
    Intro video

    Create an intro video which tells us about your motivation to learn coding.

  • Step
    In-person meeting

    If you’ve got through all four stages, we’ll invite you for a chat and we can finally meet in person. Think about when would be best for you to start.


If you think Codecool is for you, please choose a campus. The application process will be in English, but please note that you will need to speak the local language in order to participate in our courses.