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Let’s say you’ve long been thinking about having a go at a tech career. You feel you are ready now. Uni is too long and outdated, you want something fast, effective and profitable. You don’t really trust shorter bootcamps, so you are looking at Codecool now. Reading about the courses, they look exciting and rather convincing. You imagine yourself as a Codecooler, and then you see yourself in your new tech job already…

Then you see the button on the Codecool website: “Apply”. You’re very much interested, but still hesitating. What’s behind that button in the process? Is it not too big of a commitment to hit it at this moment? Taking the course itself is obviously a big commitment. And everything seems to come together, but … you are just unsure about taking this step.

Aaaand… cut!

We know very well what it feels like to be in this situation, and understand your concerns completely.
It is a scary step to take when you don’t know what’s next!

And this is exactly why we are here today.

Let us show you what comes next, and convince you: there is nothing to be worried about, and hitting that button might just be the best idea at that very moment.

0. Zero commitment

Okay, this sounds big, so let’s be more precise: you make no commitment at all just by hitting the “Apply” button on the Codecool website. That’s why the button actually says “Interested/Apply”. You are invited to enter the process even if you are just interested and want to learn more.

In fact, you make no commitment whatsoever up until the point that you decide to sign a contract with us – which comes much, much later in the process. After much more thought, some personal discussion and a bunch of further information.

Also, you have chance to stop or to ask a question anywhere in the process. We are happy to call you back, if you like.

Plus we made the whole process really short (70 minutes altogether) and moved the personal discussion to the beginning, so that we have a chance to meet and talk as soon as possible anyway.

But first things first. What happens right after you hit that button?

1. Enter some basic data

When you hit “Interested/Apply”, you will first see a screen, where we ask you to give us your name, email address and phone number. And that’s all. Why? So that we know where to reach you.

2. Select a course

Next, you will have to select the course you are interested in, from all those starting in the close future.

Not sure which one to choose? Request a call back, and discuss it with our colleague.

Interested in more than one of our courses? If Full-stack full-time is one of them, pick that one. If not, then just pick the longest you like, and hit continue.

3. Answer some quick questions

Then you will see a screen with a few questions, most of them yes or no or multiple choice, about whether or not you meet basic conditions of taking our course. For example, you need to be over 18, because we can only accept adults in our courses – that’s the law. We also need you here to think about whether or not you can spend the necessary time on studying. And about why you would like to take the course – and this is the only question where we ask you to put down your reply a few sentences.

And that’s all! We wanted to make the first steps fast and easy, not to take more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

The last thing to do here is to book an interview with our colleague on the next screen, and then just sit back and wait for your appointment.

4. Let's talk!

The interview will be a 30-minute chat with our colleague to see if the course is really for you or not. We know you might have a lot of questions in the beginning, and we want to discuss those with you. Also, we don’t want you to make any commitment before both of us are convinced that you have everything what it takes to successfully finish the course you picked.

In the case of shorter courses you’re done here. You will receive an email from us in a few days about whether your application was successful or not.

In the case of longer courses though, we ask you to do a little online test before that.

5. Wanna go full-stack? Test yourself!

In the case of longer courses, like our flagship Full-stack course, we will finally invite you to take a fun, little, 12-minute test with us. The test measures your logic and analytic skills, and how precise and fast you are. It gives us a good indication about whether or not a tech course and career really suits you.

Because the one thing we don’t want is for you to fail – we want to make sure you will succeed as much as we can, already in the beginning.

And that’s it!

This is what happens after you hit apply, and before both decide whether or not continue to commitment about any course. You will have plenty of time to think things over, ask questions and learn more about us and our courses in the meanwhile.

Ready now?

If this was the last thing you needed and just wanna hit the button now, just click apply here.

If you first want to know more about our courses first, check them out here.

Hope to talk to you soon!

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