Don’t wait! Here are the benefits of investing in a programming course now


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Are you considering investing in a programming course but feeling hesitant? We understand – it’s a big commitment! But the payoff is worth it, trust us. We designed our mentor-led full-stack course to help you learn everything about programming and achieve success right after you graduate. Keep reading and discover how our method will help you reach your goals.


We can’t sugarcoat that investing in a programming course is a big commitment. It takes time, energy, and money, but trust us when we say the payoff is worth it!

Our 10-month full-stack course can eliminate the “ifs,” the “hows,” and the “whens” from your plan. Join us as we explore the benefits of our mentor-led full-stack programming course and why investing in your future today will pay off big time.

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This investment has a clear outcome

Investing in your education and future can feel daunting, but making a step forward can lead to fantastic new opportunities. We understand that the money, time, and energy required to learn something new can be intimidating, but the outcome is crystal clear with our mentor-led full-stack programming course.

There’s no reason to ask, “Will this be worth it?” or “What if I can’t use this knowledge later” regarding our course.

  • In just ten months, you’ll have a guaranteed job as a programmer at one of our 450+ partner companies. Yes, you read that correctly – guaranteed!
  • Plus, you will only have to worry about tuition once you’ve landed that guaranteed job. You can pay later, in monthly sums, comfortably. All you need to do now is focus on your education.

We’re giving you the ultimate developer starter pack

When thinking about switching to a tech career, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the unknowns. How can you learn all the programming languages? How do you meet people in the industry? And can you even get hired without experience?


Trying to figure it all out alone can be even scarier, though. You could spend years hesitating, looking in the wrong places, and making little progress. That’s why investing in a course like our 10-month full-stack course could be a smart choice. You’ll get the guidance, support, and skills you need to succeed faster.

We understand that learning full-time for ten months might feel like a lot to invest now.

But let’s list the long-term benefits. Here’s why a 10-month fast-track career change will be worth it in the long run:

The Return on Investment of our 10-month full-stack course

Return on Investment, or short, ROI is a term used for determining the value of an investment versus its cost. Here are the main long-term benefits and the value that an investment into a programming career now will bring you later:

making progress
Fast-track to a new career

You won’t have to wait around for your new job crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Taking control of your future is easier than you might think. And our programming course could be the golden ticket to your new career.

Think about it – with so many industries needing skilled developers, you could jumpstart your career transition in just ten months. No more waiting for years, hoping for the best! You can save yourself years of trial and error by investing in your education and starting your new career in less than a year. You’ll also have more time and opportunities to gather experience and improve in your new field.

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Counts as experience already

At Codecool, we do things differently. Unlike some boot camps or university courses that may leave you feeling unprepared for a real job, in just ten months with us, you’ll train like an intern. Studying will be your full-time job, but you’ll learn in a practice-oriented way.

You’ll also work on your projects and collaborate with your peers in agile groups. By the end of the course, you’ll understand the development lifecycle and have real, tangible experience to talk about at interviews.

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Higher salary and more flexibility

If you’re considering a career change, there is most likely room for improvement in your current job. Maybe you may want a higher salary or a more flexible work schedule. If so, a career as a developer could be the solution you’re looking for. By investing in a programming course now, you’ll be able to improve your earning potential in a shorter amount of time. Plus, working as a developer means you’ll have more flexibility in your job. In the tech industry, fully remote or hybrid working is the norm. You’ll be free to work from anywhere in the world, allowing you to balance work with your personal life.

If you’ve got significant changes coming up soon – maybe you’re thinking about starting a family or moving – and wishing for a job allowing you to be more present while earning you better money. In cases like these, coding could be the solution.

Relevant skills for a long time

If you’re investing time and effort into learning something new, you want to ensure it will pay off in the long run. Well, learning to code is a future-proof skill set! The demand for skilled developers is only expected to grow in the coming years, so you’ll have many opportunities. The tech industry offers many career opportunities, from software engineering to web development to data analysis. Once you’ve gained the foundational skills of full-stack development, you can specialize in many areas that interest you. 

With full-stack programming skills, you can build websites, mobile apps, and more, making you a valuable asset to any team. And the best part? With these skills, you’ll have the flexibility to work in various industries, from tech to finance, healthcare, and beyond.

You’ll gather more skills, like soft skills too

But that’s not all! Programming can also help you develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that can be applied to all areas of your life. Coding teaches essential soft skills like communication, teamwork, and project management.

By working on coding projects, you’ll develop your ability to collaborate with others, manage your time effectively, and present your ideas clearly and succinctly. These soft skills are highly transferable and will serve you well in future career pursuits.

Want to start your coding journey?

Check out our full-stack development course. It has a job guarantee, possible post-payment options, and an all-encompassing learning experience.

You’ll learn several modern programming languages with the help of experienced mentors at the top of their game. You’ll work on a kick-ass project portfolio, gather real coding experience, and become a junior developer that companies will love to work with.

All this and more on campus or online from the comfort of your home!

Come to one of our events if you want to learn more – it’s the best way to get to know us, the school, and our mentors. Or feel free to contact us via mail or chat. We’re happy to answer all your questions!

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