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“This workshop will kick off your programming career” – an interview with Codecool’s Adrian Widlak

Want to learn more on JavaScript? Join Codecool's free workshop! Adrian Widlak, our mentor introduces in this interview what you can expect.

When thinking about coding, something utterly complicated and boring comes to mind to most people. Adrian Widlak, a Codecool mentor based in Poland, is ready to refute this stereotype during his free online JavaScript workshop on July 16th that might be exactly what you need to jump into your IT career!

Javascript workshopWhat exactly is the workshop about? What can participants expect to learn?

This workshop will kick off your programming career. During the webinar, I teach participants how to get started with learning JavaScript, one of the most widely used programming languages. I will show them that creating an application or a game in JavaScript is not only useful but also fun! Who doesn’t love to watch Who Wants To Be a Millionaire or Family Feud? After this workshop, you will know all the necessary steps to create your own quiz game without thinking that coding is overwhelmingly complicated.

It is a 2-hour workshop. How much knowledge is it possible to transfer within that time frame?

You might be surprised how much we can learn in 2 hours! It is enough time to show the basic concepts of front-end programming with the usage of web core technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. During the workshop, I cover tasks from implementing interaction with the user, adding an action for choosing the correct answer, and implementing a checking mechanism. Moreover, you will be able to change the appearance of elements on a website and replace them dynamically in real-time. Quite a lot in 2 hours, right?

How is this knowledge useful in everyday life? Could you list a few examples of what participants created during/after the workshop?

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It's a common language for implementing front-end applications, but we can also use it to create a back-end. By the end of the webinar, every participant will develop a game that is programmed to check answers for questions created by the participants. The app you develop will highlight correct answers with green and wrong answers with red - all programmed to run smoothly. Trust me, there are so many job offers out there where you can utilize skills like these! Who participated in previous workshops? Can absolute beginners join as well?

I’ve done a similar workshop before in Poland, which was a huge success. This will be basically an international edition of that webinar. Most participants joined because they were interested in creating web games and applications. However, many of them had absolutely no prior experience! So if you are someone that has no previous knowledge about programming, don’t get discouraged. Almost everyone will be in the same boat. Just grab your laptop and bring some ambition and good spirit, that’s all we need!

What is your background story before Codecool? Why did you join the company?

I've graduated from Cracow University of Technology in the field of computer science. I've been programming for about 10 years now; in the last 5 years I focused on technologies like PHP - Symfony, Typescript - Angular, C# and Java. For a long time I was mostly programming in C#, but then I fell in love with JavaScript during one of my internships. I just felt the possibilities offered by JavaScript were immense, hence the change of heart.
I'm a person that enjoys sharing knowledge and experience between one another - this is what drives us towards a better future. That’s why I joined Codecool. There are so many talented students with high ambitions and aspirations that work on groundbreaking projects even while still at Codecool. I love to see them grow and succeed in and outside of the school and watch them shape the future of IT.

JavaScript webinar date: July 16th 17:00 (conducted on Zoom)
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Adrian Widlak is a mentor and Frontend specialist at Codecool based in Poland. Connect with him on the web!

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