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Three Exciting IT Jobs which Come with a Big Paycheck

Enjoying what you do and getting high salary for it is just a perfect match. But it is not always easy to decide which profession suits you the best. Here are 3 IT professions, maybe you'll find your dream job!

For several years, the media have been full of articles about the huge demand for new experts in various fields of information technology, and the situation is practically still the same. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for you to start studying in order to establish not only your long-awaited financial security through a career shift or by having a side job, but also to take part in a number of exciting projects.

We at Codecool have been assisting our students to build up successful IT careers for years. For that, however, you should consider the fact that there are a great number of superb vacant positions in the world of IT, therefore, everyone has to find the field of work where they can have long-lasting success even for several decades. To make your choice easier, let us introduce you three IT professions that are worth getting familiar with if you want to acquire the necessary training to become an expert in Hungary, which we are happy to help you with.

Front-End Developer

Are you one who likes creating grand things that make people happy day by day? Then frontend development is likely to be the career path you should follow! There you can learn how to build up a website being perfect in every respect from the basics. To become a cool web developer, you should acquire a sound knowledge in JavaScript, understand the basics of HTML and CSS and accumulate useful experience in the fields of user interface and user experience.

Our fully online web developer training will help your achieve those aims! During this 16-week-long course our well-prepared mentors will provide you with continuous support and teach you everything a web developer needs to know. The training is worth completing not only because you will acquire new skills, but also because, according to the latest figures, junior web developers have a salary of minimum (!) gross HUF 400,000 and maximum gross HUF 700,000.

IT Project Manager

You should not forget, however, that it is absolutely necessary in the field of IT, too, to have a central person who manages and controls the tasks within a simple or a complicated project and who can communicate the client’s expectations in the form and at the time appropriate for the development team. In most cases this person is the IT project manager, who can set up the processes required for implementation being effective in every respect with a comprehensive mindset.

Our good news is that during the 12-week-long Agile IT Project Manager Training you can learn everything about the architecture of IT projects, the popular “design thinking” method and how to manage conflicts and projects properly. If you don’t want to work as a programmer, but you are interested in information technology, this is the position for you, also simply because your starting salary in this position will be about gross HUF 400,000, and it is going to increase as you gain more and more experience.

Full-Stack Developer

There are also ones who want to know everything about coding and haven’t even got the slightest intention to commit themselves to a single programming language. They are the so-called full-stack developers, who, endowed with a unique mindset and well-versed in various technological solutions, can successfully get positions at even the largest IT companies.

However, it is important to note that it requires the strongest commitment to learning – compared to the other jobs mentioned above – as you need 12 months to complete our full-stack Developer Course. However, if you successfully endure until the end, we will guarantee that you will get a position at one of our 200 business partners and your starting salary will not be less than gross HUF 400,000. Good deal, ain’t it?