3 reasons why HR people are obsessed about soft skills


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Good communication skills. Excellent problem-solving skills. Ability to work individually and in groups. And the list goes on. Are you tired of job openings listing these skills? The truth is every employer on the market requires you to have good soft skills, what is more, they test them. Yes, even if you work as a programmer. This is exactly why Codecool places an emphasis on developing students’ soft skills besides the technological ones. Here are three reasons why HR personnel want to know about your soft skills.

They don’t want to start onboarding with this

Our brains are more prone to take in knowledge that is not directly related to our internal world, our personality. This is because it’s possible to take a step away from the subject matter and observe it objectively. Unfortunately, the learning process is a bit more complicated and prolonged in case of our soft skills. It takes weeks, even months to master a soft skill. “Soft skills enable us to better express our expectations and needs while becoming more open and receptive to others’ feelings and aspirations.

“Developing soft skills is like learning a language” – a colleague once said. Because it takes a long time to acquire them, employers are looking to hire people with solid soft skills.

Try to think about the skills you bring from home or your previous workplace and brainstorm some ways those could be put into use in your everyday life. The sooner you start the better: these things unfortunately do not happen overnight.

They need great team players

Even though a significant portion of our life has moved to the online space, probably all of us had to sit through – either virtually or in-person – a boring, never-ending meeting. Dwelling on problems not only consumes a lot of time but also kills motivation. This can and should be replaced with a solution-centred approach that places the solution instead of the problem in focus. Instead of worrying about the ‘why-s’, try to turn your attention towards future goals and potential solutions. More efficient teamwork is guaranteed and your soft skills will improve a great deal as well.

Soft skills boost a pleasant company environment

There is no family or company life without some tension every once in a while. Thinking of sweeping everything under the rug? We suggest transparent communication instead. Communicating your ideas openly and honestly – while staying respectful – is going to set you stress-free and build trust. In such an environment you won’t be anxious, feel the need to go on sick leave or burn out too early. Long story short: a pleasant company environment leads to long-term cooperation and satisfied employees. Are you asking how to accomplish this? Yes, the answer is soft skills.

If you feel in need to boost your soft skills besides the technological ones after reading this, apply to Codecool’s courses!

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