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“We know from experience how hard it is to find senior software developers. But if trained the right way, juniors have tremendous potential,” Codecool Founder and CEO József Boda has recently told the international edition of Forbes magazine. “Our students are proof of this. They add value to organizations from day one and work hard to get better and better at what they do.”

Forbes has featured us in a recent article about the rapidly changing educational and work domains, as one of  the trailblazers of experiential learning. According to the magazine, challenge-based learning is slowly but surely replacing the good ol’ “chalk and talk” method, future-proofing student and employee skills in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution.

HeroX, a for-profit spin-off of the XPRIZE Foundation, aims to create the world’s problem solving platform and harness the power of ‘crowd-solving’, while Pasadena-based EF Academy makes sure that its students gain real-life experiences through projects such as river clean-ups or Hult Prize-style design thinking challenges. 

Traditional educational institutions seem to be getting the memo, too. For the students of the Technical University of Eindhoven, working and competing in teams is second nature. Their Team CORE, for instance, has set out to usher the world into the Age of Zero Waste, a time when all waste ends up as raw material, by leveraging the power of elementary retraction. 

“By applying their learning in a real world setting, the aim is to fully immerse students in the complex and nuanced environment within which their skills will be deployed. In a world as complex as the fourth industrial revolution promises to be, this is surely worth its weight in gold “ Forbes’s Adi Gaskell comments. Dig into the full article here.

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