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Codecool is a growing network of international coding schools in the EU. Our mission is to reinvent IT education and solve the ever-growing IT talent gap of companies by giving coding carriers for a wide range of people.

Codecool is already present in 5 locations, 3 countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania), with a 3,2M EUR revenue in 2018, 5M EUR target revenue in 2019.

We are looking for a Full-stack digital marketing manager who will be responsible for managing different projects in different locations, with strong focus on our digital activities and websites. You can work from any of our office/campus, but your tasks will exceed the city's and the country's borders, you will have trainings, meetings and company-wide conferences in Hungary, Romania and Poland as well. Your role will be a truly cross-functional role where you work closely with the marketing team, the sales team, the engineering department, the product management team and website developer subcontractors. Namely, you will work closely with the CMO, CTO, our in-house developers, local marketing managers, copywriters, and subcontractors. 

Your responsibilities will cover:

  • Being a point of contact between the marketing team and the developers.
  • Choosing in accordance with the other departments and CMO which metrics/KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to focus on. 
  • Bringing traditional and creative ideas on how to grow those KPIs. 
  • Implement the ideas by yourself (with the help of our team). 
  • A/B testing ideas. 
  • Analyzing the data and users’ feedback. 
  • Exchanging ideas/data/feedback with other departments (marketing, recruiters, developers, top management) in order to present results and make our processes, and website more user-centric. 
  • Understanding conversion rate optimization (CRO) principles and hacks and being able to apply CRO hacks to any businesses process. 
  • Working on a lean startup process (Build, Measure Learn).
  • Document your tests, projects and findings regularly. 
  • Working with the AARRR Sales Metrics Diagram (Acquisition – Activation – Retention – Referral - Revenue). 
  • Optimizing channels in order to always improve the performance of our website and business. 
  • Scaling and Automating processes. 
  • Documenting and administrating our digital marketing tools (like our e-dm software, marketing automation tool, social channels, SEO plugins, heatmap software, etc…). 
  • Implementing new marketing technologies that are needed for your work, for our growth.
  • Being independent in your work: planning and allocating technologies/processes/tests, choosing subcontractors/SaaS services, choosing media channels, coming up with creative ideas and projects, etc...

Ideal background

  • Being data-driven and kind of a data-geek: clear understanding of data, analytics, metrics and statistics. 
  • Being social and understanding users’ behavior. Having great customer relations skills and being focus on customer experience. 
  • Willing to learn, having a growth mindset. 
  • You are a great (digital) project manager.
  • You have a very good personality, easy to work with. You listen to other people’s ideas. 
  • You have A/B Testing and Data Analytics experience. 
  • Being able to work in an international environment, communicating in business English with all stakeholders at a proficient level.
  • Editing and some copywriting skills. 
  • Not being scared of pivoting. 
  • Knowledge about both inbound and outbound marketing. 
  • Being performance and results-oriented. 
  • Being curious and creative. 
  • Being relentless in pursuit of growth. 
  • It is a plus if you have experience with growth hackings tools such as Optimizely for A/B Testing, MailChimp or other e-mail platform for email marketing campaigns, HubSpot/Pardot/ActiveCampaign or any other marketing automation software Zapier/IFTTT to automate workflows.
  • You are able to work on multiple projects in line with your allocated resources.
  • Being passionate about your values and you align with our company values as well (see below).

Why work for us?

  • We offer an awesome atmosphere. Our offices are somewhere between a tech start-up and a university hallway, full of budding coding superstars.
  • You can be a part of CEE regions next startup success (5M EUR yearly revenue expectation for our 4th year of operation, ~7M EUR total funding from the region’s leading financial and energy provider and angels)
  • Cool office. Greatly selected colleges with the same values and attitude of work. 
  • We teach hard, play hard. At Codecool, you can take as much vacation time as you need.
  • We are a flat organization, if you have an idea and the motivation to make it happen, there is no bureaucracy that stops you, it will happen.
  • Full-time contract with a competitive salary

Codecool’s Vision:

We want to revolutionise the way people and organisations learn, grow and connect in our tech-driven world through lifelong learning, career planning, and employee management.

About our culture:

We at Codecool are working to reach our Vision based on our Core Values:

  • Courage: You need the courage to explore new things and break conventions.
  • Honesty: Be honest with yourself, with your peers whether it is a good situation or a bad one.
  • Quality: We expect quality and craftsmanship in everything we do.
  • Fun: have fun, because if you enjoy something, you’ll become better at it. It’s that simple.

    Get in touch with us at [email protected] to apply or for a chat if you have further questions.
    Please write in your e-mail’s subject: marketing manager @Codecool

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process has 4-5 steps. Why so many? So both the team and you are absolutely sure you are a good fit to the team!

  • Step
    Submit application.
    Simply send your CV to [email protected]. Let us know, why you are interested in the role!
  • Step
    Phone interview.
    Our recruitment team member will contact you over phone to have a brief conversation regarding your motivation, experience and availability. We will also check your English language level.
  • Step
    Face to face HR + Competency Interview.
    In this stage, you will meet our recruiter and the department manager. The meeting will take place in our office at your preferred location.
  • Step
    Professional and Soft skill interviews
    We believe that it is good to know all the aspects of daily job before joining us. We value soft skills equally to technical ones and we are proud of our unique company culture. During a soft-skills interview we will tell you more about our values and soft skillset we would be looking for in you. And during a professional interview we will talk about the aspects of your daily tasks to see if we are a good fit for eachother.
  • Step
    We call you to discuss the last details.
    The last step is to agree on a starting date and your benefit package.

Are you interested?

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