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About our company

Codecool is a leading digital educator and sourcer in the CEE region with more than 1000+ graduated students placed in developer jobs at 200+ corporate partners, 700+ students in training currently, and 5M EUR revenue in 2020. Codecool has campuses operating already at 5 locations in 3 countries: Budapest and Miskolc (in Hungary), and Krakow and Warsaw (in Poland), and Bucharest (in Romania).

We are driven by a vision. We believe that we can make the digital talent gap a thing of the past, and at the same time help individuals start new, future-proof careers.

We see a future with thriving, digitalised companies transformed by people in fulfilling careers.

Join our mission and be part of this journey, revolutionizing the way people and organisations evolve, grow and connect in our tech-driven world.

What are you going to do?

The Head of Education is responsible for the student journey - how and what we teach in Codecool - through the services we provide in all locations: method/curriculum/platform. 


  • Participating as a member of the Global Management Team
  • Defining the education strategy and participating in company strategy
  • Translating market needs to educational and corporate re/upskilling training goals
  • Managing the global EDU and Product teams through team leads
  • Managing the local mentor teams throughout the mentor team leads
  • Ensuring the effective and high quality delivery of all educational programmes for students
  • Planning and implementing policies, practice and working procedures
  • Further developing, implementing and reviewing the ongoing systems for self-evaluation and the continual improvement of standards
  • Foster the development of globally reusable education materials by implementing growing number of video materials and other digital enrichments in the curriculum
  • Ensuring that monitoring and upkeep of educational planning, records and reports are maintained
  • Undertaking the performance management and supervision of the Education team ensuring that specific attention is paid to their training and developmental needs
  • Being an ‘Educational Thought Leader’ by building external connections to similar edu organizations and participating in events

Required skills and background:

  • Leadership
  • Strong drive in the field of Education Innovation
  • Decisiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Dependability
  • Ability to mentor colleagues
  • Integrity with our 4 core values: Courage, Honesty/Transparency, Quality, Fun
  • At least 3 years of experience in a Management role
  • Experience within Education services

Codecool’s Vision:

We want to revolutionize the way people and organisations learn, grow and connect in our tech-driven world through lifelong learning, career planning, and employee management.

We at Codecool are working to reach our Vision based on our core values:

  • Courage: You need the courage to explore new things and break conventions.
  • Honesty: Be honest with yourself, with your peers whether it is a good situation or a bad one.
  • Quality: We expect quality and craftsmanship in everything we do.
  • Fun: have fun, because if you enjoy something, you’ll become better at it. It’s that simple.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process has 5 steps. Why so many?

So both the team and you are absolutely sure you are a good fit to the team!

  • Submit application.

    Simply send your resume to [email protected] Let us know, why you are interested in the role!

  • Phone interview.

    Our recruitment team member will contact you over phone to have a brief conversation regarding your motivation, experience and availability. We will also check your English language level.

  • Face to face HR Interview.

    In this stage, you will meet our recruiter. The meeting will take place in our office.

    Our staff specialist will tell you more about the day-to-day duties in the mentor role and will ask you some technical questions.

  • Trial day.

    This is the opportunity to feel our culture, and act as a junior recruiter for one day. You will have the chance to interact with our potential students and meet the whole staff. We believe that it is good to know all the aspects of daily job before joining us. We value soft skills equally to technical ones and we are proud of our unique company culture. During a soft-skills interview we will tell you more about our values and soft skill set we would be looking for in you.

  • We call you to discuss the last details.

    The last step is to agree on a starting date and your benefit package.


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