Front-End Mentor (part-time)


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Want to help others change their lives through coding? Join our 𝗖𝗼𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗼𝗹 team as a mentor and help hundreds of ambitious people begin their successful coding careers. APPLY NOW!


Codecool is a growing network of coding schools in the CEE region. Our mission is to reinvent IT education and solve the ever-growing IT talent gap of companies by giving coding careers for a wide range of people. Codecool is already present in 5 locations, 3 countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania.


What we wish from you, as a future colleague:

✔️ Find joy in sharing your hard-earned knowledge

✔️ Be the change and take part of the IT education of the future

✔️ Be a role model to the students

✔️ Great minds think alike and help Codecool peers all over the World


What your typical activities look like as a part-time Codecool mentor:

✔️ You only work with students 3 times a week for 10h in total

✔️ Students present their code every week and you review it together

✔️ You facilitate the learning process and help students with their assignments

✔️ Also, you hold consultations with the students

✔️ At the end of each module, you examine the students who to pass on to the next module

✔️ You attend onboarding weeks online and team meets if necessary

✔️ You will be working 100% online


Apply if you:

✔️ Have experience in working with HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Bootstrap, Javascript (intermediate level), any JS framework (intermediate level)

✔️ Have a positive attitude and wish to inspire beginners in programming

✔️ Are a reliable person with relevant programming experience

✔️ Have patience and willingness to help others during their learning process

✔️ Believe in the practice-oriented, project-based learning model and understand the difference between teaching and mentoring

✔️ Love to learn and educate yourself continuously

✔️ Speak English and Romanian fluently


Why work for us:

✔️ We offer an awesome atmosphere

✔️ Greatly selected colleagues with the same values and work ethic

✔️ We teach hard but play harder. At Codecool, you can take as much vacation time as you need

✔️ We are a flat organization, if you have an idea and the motivation to make it happen, there is no bureaucracy that stops you, it will happen

✔️ Real professional opportunities to promote to full-time mentor contract

✔️ Earn tech industry salary, while educating others


We at Codecool are working to reach our Vision based on our core values:

Courage: You need the courage to explore new things and break conventions.

Honesty: Be honest with yourself, with your peers whether it is a good situation or a bad one.

Quality: We expect quality and craftsmanship in everything we do.

Fun: Have fun, because if you enjoy something, you’ll become better at it. It’s that simple.


Recruitment process

Our recruitment process has 5 steps. Why so many?

So both the team and you are absolutely sure you are a good fit to the team!

  • Submit application.

    Simply send your resume to [email protected]. Let us know, why you are interested in the role!

  • Phone interview.

    Our recruitment team member will contact you over phone to have a brief conversation regarding your motivation, experience and availability. We will also check your English language level.

  • Face to face HR + Tech Interview.

    In this stage, you will meet our recruiter and one of the existing mentors in person. The meeting will take place in our office.

    Our mentor will tell you more about the day-to-day duties in the mentor role and will ask you some technical questions.

  • Trial day.

    This is the opportunity to feel our culture, and act as a mentor for one day. You will have the chance to work with our students and meet the whole staff. We believe that it is good to know all the aspects of daily job before joining us. We value soft skills equally to technical ones and we are proud of our unique company culture. During a soft-skills interview we will tell you more about our values and soft skill set we would be looking for in you.

  • We call you to discuss the last details.

    The last step is to agree on a starting date and your benefit package.

Are you interested?

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