Product Manager


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Product Manager

Codecool is a leading digital educator and sourcer in the CEE region with more than 1000+ graduated students placed in developer jobs at 200+ corporate partners, 700+ students in training currently, and 5M EUR revenue in 2020. Codecool has campuses operating already at 5 locations in 3 countries: Budapest and Miskolc (in Hungary), and Krakow and Warsaw (in Poland), and Bucharest (in Romania).

Curiosity is what we're looking for. Being enthusiastic to learn about the needs and pain points of our customers, we want to build the right product the right way. 

You should apply if you're an experienced Product Manager who has delivered significant results at a company-wide level — business driven, value driven.

What we expect from you?

  • Passion for education, recruitment and revolutionize the way people find jobs
  • Lead and inspire our internal product development efforts
  • Manage complex product initiatives to successful completion, resulting in significant business impact
  • Get in touch with the end users, working constantly to understand their pain-points and exceed their expectations
  • Generate insights, set direction, and get things done in tech & business
  • Data-driven approach, make data-driven decisions (incl. A/B testing, User Testing, Analytics, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Defining Metrics and KPIs).
  • Be friendly with colleagues and motivate them on rainy days
  • Work incredibly hard to keep things incredibly simple
Ideal background:
  • Real-life experience in a fast-moving IT company in an international environment, or equivalent.
  • Best if you have experience as Product Manager / Product Owner, but feel free to apply without it.
  • We measure applicants by their skills and knowledge not by the years of experience.
  • We offer an awesome atmosphere. Our offices are somewhere between a tech start-up and a university hallway, full of budding coding superstars.
  • Greatly selected colleges with the same values and attitude of work. Or you can work from home if you prefer to.
  • Exciting projects, never a dull moment.
  • We know what is the balance between work and private life.
  • At Codecool, you can take as much vacation time as you need.
  • We are a flat organization, if you have an idea and the motivation to make it happen, there is no bureaucracy that stops you, it will happen.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process has 4-5 steps. Why so many? So both the team and you are absolutely sure you are a good fit to the team!

  • Submit application.

    Simply send your CV to [email protected]

  • Phone interview.

    Our recruitment team member will contact you over phone to have a brief conversation regarding your motivation, experience and availability. We will also check your English language level.

  • Face to face /online professional Interview.

    In this stage, you will meet your future team leader. We would like to get to know you, know about your previous experience and your motivation to join Codecool.

  • Trial day / Trial exercise

    This is the opportunity to feel our culture. You will have the chance to work with us and meet the whole staff. We believe that it is good to know all the aspects of daily job before joining us. We value soft skills equally to technical ones and we are proud of our unique company culture. During a soft-skills interview we will tell you more about our values and soft skillset we would be looking for in you.

  • We call you to discuss the last details.

    The last step is to agree on a starting date and your benefit package.

Are you interested?

Just send email to apply
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