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In need of an IT expert? We’ve got you covered

With an alumni base of over 600 and extensive connections in the IT industry, Codecool is here to solve your sourcing needs.

With an alumni base of over 600 and extensive connections in the IT industry, Codecool is here to solve your sourcing needs.

As an advocate of quality, practice-oriented education, Codecool has established itself as a non-traditional education institution among its alumni, partners and the entire IT industry. What many have yet to learn is that Codecool launched its sourcing branch in April 2020 in response to growing needs of its partners.

Sourcing branch

The reason behind the fast-growing need
The field of IT has been expanding for years and it has skyrocketed in 2020. Companies are looking to hire more and more developers on every level: from juniors freshly graduated from Codecool to seniors with 5 or more years of experience. It’s not only developers that are in high demand: business analysts, engineer leads, CTOs are just as often sought after.

With the ubiquity of IT technologies at the workplace, the need for sourcing emerges from all industries. To offer the perfect solution, Codecool has stepped in with its so-called Codecool Treatment that will ease any headache in relation to your sourcing process.

What is the Codecool Treatment?
We place an enormous emphasis on getting to know our students and partners extremely well. We ask them several questions to shed light on their interests, goals and needs. These deep and long-term relationships ensure the perfect match between job seekers and employers. The Codecool Treatment is our way of making sure both sides’ needs are met efficiently and quickly when it comes to sourcing.

How to get involved
On the business side, regardless of the industry you operate in, turn to Orsi Nyitrai, Barbi Pongrácz and Eszter Kalocsai in Hungary or to Aleksandra Lukomska in Poland. They are professional headhunters that are ready to find the perfect match from Codecool’s 600+ alumni, wide network system or straight from the market. Whatever it is that you need, they will know what to do.

If you are an IT professional and would like to enjoy the benefits of being part of our sourcing pool, check out, Codecool’s platform for job seekers. Here you can easily upload your CV and browse among the open positions. Still can’t find the right one? Reach out to our sourcing experts, Orsi, Barbi, Eszter or Aleksandra, and they will lead you all the way.

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