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This is how to solve all your IT problems in house

Looking for a frontend developer or an IT project manager and your first thought is recruiting someone from the market? Upskilling one of your current employee could be an option for filling in the gap as well!

Are you a CEO in need of people managing your cloud services? Or a manager working on the company’s webshop? Maybe an individual developing your own website? Regardless of the industry, you probably know what it means to face IT-related challenges. Most people find information technology daunting and impossible to learn, therefore, we tend to hire the “eccentric” and “nerd” IT guy to help fix our problem - no matter how much time and how much money it takes.

What if we tell you that there is a different solution?
Upcycling - besides recycling - has become very popular in the DIY industry. Grab your old stuff and give it a new life using some creativity - upcyclists say. What if you could do exactly the same with your and your employees’ skills? All you need is some time to study, a lot of passion to learn and excellent mentors, of course. You bring the first two and Codecool will take care of the rest for you.

Programming and IT Courses

What are the courses about?
Depending on someone’s interest, it is possible to become an expert of different areas of IT within 3-4 months. All the short courses at Codecool Hungary are held in Hungarian, require a 30-hour per week commitment, a high school diploma and intermediate English skills. And the best part is that you online learning is available from the comfort of anyone’s home. The courses are as follows:

Frontend developer: in 4 months, participants learn how to create a website and complex web applications from scratch. Super useful knowledge that are immediately transferable to the workplace.

IT project manager: Every digital solution needs developers and someone who coordinates their work! After this 3-month, online course, that person can be you or one of your employees! IT-project managers help to facilitate the work of developers, assist in allocating funds and coordinate with clients. A fast-paced, diverse job that many will love!

Cloud administrator: applications and websites are easily accessible anytime from anywhere because they run from the “cloud”. At Codecool, we teach all the concepts and technologies related to the most popular cloud servers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). By the end of the course, participants are able to confidently support various web- and mobile applications.

Software tester: All the basics about software testing, software planning and software testing life cycle are covered in this 3-month course. We provide access to the most modern tools and learning methods during the course.

E-commerce programmer: In this 3-month, online course, participants will learn about the e-commerce industry as a whole from building attractive websites to managing and evaluating a website’s performance. Students become proficient in using different marketing tools (handling Google and Facebook ads, writing newsletters, blog posts etc.) that will ensure any site’s success. This course gives invaluable skills that can be used to build your own or to manage a big company’s website.

Robotic Process Automation: This course introduces students to one of the newest areas of IT. By learning about robotic automation, participants will be able to develop, configure and test software robots. Say goodbye to dull, repetitive tasks and come learn how to automate!

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