Weekend Full Stack Course

Full-Stack – Fully Online

An immersive, online developer course in English. Learn programming with us to get you ready for a future-proof tech career in a year.

Python | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | SQL | Java | Spring | C# | ASP.NET | ORM | clean coding |
GIT version control | unit testing | Web | Frontend | Backend | Multithreading

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You will attend classes from 9 am to 5 pm CET every second Saturday and Sunday for 12 months.

This is a weekend course, so you don’t even need to leave your current job just yet!
Also, the sessions are held on every 2nd weekend only. You’ll have every other weekend free.

Is full-stack development for you?


You need zero tech background or special skills to do this. We will teach you from the basics and get you to a new career in an intensive 1 year.

You just need to be over 18, speak good English (level B2 or above) and pass some basic online tests and an interview to start with us. Plus, you should have perseverance and curiosity.

As a developer, you may end up working on some next generation technology building a breakthrough treatment of a major disease. Or designing an accessible app making life easier for a person with a disability. Or creating innovative tools for the next crowd-sourcing platform. The possibilities are endless.

The IT industry is growing and will continue to grow in the next 10 years. Remote work is on the rise and seems to be a fully viable option for the future. Overseas companies already opening up their positions globally. There’s likely a job waiting for you wherever you want to live as a developer.

More than a bootcamp, better than a university


Codecool is disrupting education by bringing it closer to workplace demand and culture. Our full-stack course will make you a great, all-round junior developer in 1 year. It is more than an average bootcamps take, but by the end you will have all the in-demand skills you need at hand, and none of the unnecessary academic concepts.

Besides practical hard skills, you will learn to work in SCRUM in sprints with demos and retros, build your soft skills and get familiar with the industry terminology.

Our pro mentors will present you the foundations in live, online lectures on Google Meet and Discord. You’ll also participate in quizzes, live coding sessions and workshops. And you will work on real life inspired assignments to build your own hands-on skills and your project portfolio.

The course in numbers

  • pictogram-17
    12months learning
  • pictogram-13
    24inspiring weekends
  • pictogram-16
    cc. 1000hours in sessions
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    24/7access to edu platform

You could be a

Frontend Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Backend Developer
Junior Project Manager 
Junior Scrum Master

What you will learn

  • quater
    Months 1 to 3: ProgBasics
    You will take your first steps in programming in Python - a beginner-friendly language often used for creating web applications, analysing data or powering machine learning. In the first weeks, we will focus on universal basics of procedural programming, the ability to decompose problems and write clear code according to good practices. You will also learn the GIT version control system. Additionally, you will develop communication and planning skills, will be able to search for information more effectively and give constructive feedback.
  • half
    Months 4 to 6: Web
    In the second module you will start creating web applications. You will learn the basics of working with SQL databases and SQL itself, and you'll be introduced to technologies useful in front-end development - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Your applications will not only run, but will also be pleasing to the eye. In terms of soft skills we will focus on refining your presentation and project management skills.
  • thirdq
    Months 7 to 9: OOP
    In the third module, you will learn another language - C # or Java, which are widely used in IT to build complex applications. You will learn the basics of object-oriented programming and the SOLID principles. You will also acquire application architecture design skills, and learn to write unit tests. You will learn advanced SQL queries to work with the database, as well as advanced GIT functions.
  • whole
    Months 10 to 12: Advanced
    In the last module, we will prepare you for interviews, and you will explore more advanced technological issues, including multithreading, data structures and transactions in SQL. You will learn a backend framework (Spring or ASP.NET), which makes the application development process faster and easier. Based on the needs of partner companies and your own preferences, you will choose the technology you want to specialize in and you will be able to develop a more advanced, business-level application.

How much the course costs

Payment in advance:

Payment in advance = 3888 EUR (incl. VAT)

Payment in installments:

Payment in installments = 4200 EUR (incl VAT) (1400 + 12*233.33) EUR

How to apply

Do you want to learn programming with us?
It’s easy to apply. The whole process will not take more than 40-60 minutes in 2 blocks.
After you finish the application you will know the result in just 2 days.

  • Some simple questions

    A few questions about you, like your age, level of English and motivation

  • Short online interview

    A 30-minute online chat with our colleague about you and any questions you have

  • Benchmark game

    A 20-minute game to assess your logic, analytical, precision and other skills

Why choose Codecool?

We are a community of students, mentors and colleagues that support each other. We deliver the same high-quality education and offer the same inspiring experience offline and online. You’ll get the full support of our pro mentors, get used to team work and run your first programming projects. In our school, we focus on learning through experience, so every week you will present your work to other students and clients. Codecool is where your tech career begins.

Ready for the ride?

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