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Our answer to the ever-gaping tech talent shortage is simple. Instead of draining talents, we create new talent pipelines through our immersive, hands-on, customizable developer training. We’re always on the lookout to recruit future coding wizards, eager to start their career in information technology, and turn them into full-stacked junior developers, ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. Who’s an ideal candidate to become a Codecooler? Anyone who is an English-speaking, bright-eyed self-starter, great team player, analytical thinker and hard worker all in one, with the potential and commitment to get ready for taking on the tech world in twelve short months. We currently operate in three up-and-coming hotspots of the Central Eastern European tech scene, Budapest, Miskolc and Krakow, but we’re already eyeing other European cities to get our foot in and tap into new talent sources.