What makes a Codecooler

Team hero

We know how much soft skills matter in the workplace, be it a buzzing start-up or a high-profile tech giant. That’s why our English-language curriculum is practice-based from day one. Students spend the first 12 months of their training working on real-life team projects in the classroom and perfecting their skills through self-instructed assignments at home. Our mentors act as learning facilitators or guiding sherpas as we like to think of them, rather than traditional disseminators of knowledge.

We make sure that students learn all the ropes needed in the workplace, from working well in a team to managing their time and solving whatever problem comes their way. Codecoolers are not afraid to take on challenges in a high-pressure business environment, be it running projects, taking the lead or giving presentations and communicating effectively. Most importantly, through carefully designed tasks, our students learn how to find and digest information independently, that is, they learn to learn.

Perfect fit

We strive to keep up with the needs of the market and never stop evaluating and refining our teaching methods and course content. Our open-source learning materials are constantly evolving, with input coming from all those involved: mentors, students and future employers.

The last few months of the course is on-the-job training, with you, for you. Does your company have specific needs? No problem. We’d love to deliver trainings tailored to your exact requirements as part of the course so our graduates are ready to be deployed at your company straight away. Employee onboarding has never been so easy.

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