Lead and inspire as a Codecool mentor

Step up your game as an experienced digital professional. 

Be the leader and guide you were meant to be.

Make a difference

As a mentor, you’ll have the chance to help other people change their lives, too. You’ll be the one giving Codecoolers future-proof digital skills and helping them growing into the jobs of their dreams.

Everyone at Codecool, in each position contributes to delivering on our mission and vision to change people’s careers for the better – but mentors feel this best, first-hand everyday. 

As a Codecool mentor, you’ll be there with our driven and inspiring Codecoolers coaching and guiding them through their learning journey. You’ll be there for all the challenges, the eureka moments, and all the fun, too. 

You’ll have the chance to become the most important mentor in their lives, the one that actually helped them get ahead in life.

On your own terms

Would you like to work full-time or part-time? In the morning or in the afternoon? As an employee or a contractor? Would you like to keep a side-job, run your on business in parallel, or rather become a full-time mentor? 

It’s all up to you, we’re flexible.

Tell us what schedule and what type of setup you prefer, and we’ll find a solution tailored to your availability, capacities and preferences.

Bring your unique experience

Whatever is your background, fav tech stack and digital superpower, you’re welcome at Codecool. 

You don’t need any pervious experience in education, we’ll teach you our special mentoring methodology anyway, as a first step.

At our full-stack development course we cover 4 to 6 programming languages, all of the most in-demand technologies and platforms, future-proof hard skills and essential soft skills any junior programmer position requires. We have groups from total beginner to advanced level to lead. And we have specialised short courses, too, that you can support. 

So whatever skill set you’re bringing, you’ll make use of it at Codecool.

Turn the classroom upside down

In the so called “flipped classroom”, the student becomes their own teacher and the teacher becomes a mentor. That’s you. 

So you won’t need to preach or site textbooks at boring lectures. That’s what we don’t do here. What we do instead is teaching students how to expand their knowledge and grow their skills on their own, working on agile projects, in a mastery-based, modular learning system, with a growth mindset. 

You’ll be there to guide them, consult them and give them feedback as needed, with less and less support as they proceed in their learning journeys. You’ll be there to challenge, support and coach them, but not to do the job for them, instead of them.


Never get bored

You think being a mentor might be boring? Well, not any more than writing long lines of code all day.

It’s not to say you won’t have the chance to write code anymore. You are welcome to take part in internal software development projects, if you like. 

You are also welcome to participate in improving our curriculum or learning methodology, which we are continuously upgrading to keep up with technology changes and market demand. 

And you can always get your daily motivation from coaching students, seeing them learn new things, or building their first applications, from growing your soft and technical skills, or just enjoying the Codecool vibe in our inspiring, professional community.

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Full-stack IT mentor/trainer/instructor (Bucharest)

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