Programming courses and IT training

Our programming courses are designed to make your career switch easy to an in-demand, digital profession, and secure your future in tech.

Take our live, mentor-led, mastery-based courses online, or at one of our campuses in Hungary, Poland or Romania.

Sounds exciting, but not sure if you could learn coding?

We created our school and curriculum with a “secret plan” in mind: to develop digital professionals that we would be happy to work with.

With the right motivation, its easier to change careers than you’d think. 

We believe in you and we’ll make you believe in you, too!

Real-world experience

You’ll be working on lifelike tech projects, in Scrum development teams, in a workplace simulation environment. You’ll not only learn the latest technologies, but also develop your soft skills, and get hands-on experience in product development and project management.

Learn from anywhere

Learn at our live, online mentor-led classes wherever you are. If you are in Hungary, you can choose to learn at one of our local campuses in Hungarian language. If you’re elsewhere, check out online courses offered in English.

Don’t let borders stop you. We are where you are. 

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UI fundamentals, Workflow, Typography, Layout, Grid systems, Responsive design, UX Design , Animation, Illustration, Figma, Framer, Webflow | AI tools

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Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, Spring, C#, ASP.NET, ORM, clean coding, GIT version control, unit testing, Web, Frontend, Backend, Multithreading

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Specialised junior developer courses

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Trainings for professionals in English


For software developers, application architects, DevOps engineers, and system administrators who want to learn about container virtualization and the modern DevOps world.


For software developers, application architects, DevOps engineers, and system administrators who want to learn about container virtualization and the modern DevOps world.​


For system administrators, cloud infrastructure, and automation engineers who want to learn about automation without coding using Ansible.

IT Security for managers​

Perfect for managers, IT managers, project managers, and product owners responsible for coding projects or managing coders.​

Frontend web security​

This course is recommended for front-end developers who want to strengthen their defenses against cyber threats.

Secure web training ​

This course is recommended for web developers who want to gain a deep understanding of how development can be used to achieve security.

Data Analyst training​

This course is recommended for professionals who work with large amounts of data in their daily work, including those in financial and accounting sectors, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, and other fields.​

Be ready for everything

In our practice-oriented classes and team projects, you’ll learn the latest technologies and master soft skills such as teamwork, business thinking and problem-solving.

In the end, you’ll become an invaluable asset to any tech team.

21st century tech stack
and prog languages

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Valuable hard skills

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Future-proof soft skills

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Learn programming in your local language, online or at one of our local campuses in Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw or Bucharest. First, select your language below, and find out about the course details.

You’ll also need to speak mid-level English to study with us.