Your future in tech made affordable

Codecool gives you an accessible path to a future-proof career.

We teach programming and help our students start new digital careers – taking some of the financial burdens off your shoulders.

Changing careers is hard, but it shouldn’t be a privilege. Choose to pay for selected courses afterwards, study for free with our CoderGirl Scholarship, enter one of our state-financed courses or take a student loan. Available financial support options vary by country and course. Why not save some money with us if you can? ​

Pick your funding

Flexible payment

We want to make it easy for you to pay your programming training, and just focus on learning during your time with us.

That’s why you can choose to pay our job guaranteed courses afterwards, in convenient, monthly instalments – once you’re already earning a nice salary as a programmer or developer. Or pay upfront and maximise your saving.

Check out all payment options, and set aside financial worries for your time with us.  

CoderGirl Scholarship

The quality and usability of digital products and applications improve significantly when women are involved in the development process. 

We created the CoderGirl Scholarship to make tech more accessible for girls and women. 

Go for the CoderGirl Scholarship and help us shape a better, diverse, digital future.

Student loans

One of the strategic priorities of European nationals governments is to support the professional skill development of local people. 

Student loans in adult education make tech studies accessible. They can cover your course fee, give you a monthly grant or provide some other type of financial aid for your studies.

Apply for student loans and help Europe go digital for an exciting future full of growth and innovation. 

State-financed training

State-financed tech courses provide future-proof tech career opportunities for local people in some European countries. 

Join a state program and learn programming or another tech skillset at Codecool. 

Get the same Codecool experience and restart your career as a digital-savvy junior professional  with the financial support of your local government.