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We set a new digital future in motion by disrupting education. To close the global tech talent gap and change lives for the better, we made coding accessible, and a career in tech achievable for anyone.

We help curious people find their calling in tech

At Codecool, we disrupt education by bringing it closer to workplace demand and culture.

We create a community experience that lasts students a lifetime — you get the guidance, learn the skills, and gain the confidence needed to become a market-ready tech professional.

We revolutionise the way people and organisations grow in a tech-driven world

Meet our management

As seasoned veterans of the European start-up scene, we’ve built up companies from scratch and turned them into success stories. We know the tech market like the back of our hands. When we founded Codecool, we had one goal in mind: to create a coding school that teaches exactly what companies are hiring for, and secure your future in tech, too.

Balazs Vinnai

President of the Board

Michał Mysiak

Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board

Jozsef Boda

Vice President, Member of the Board, Country Manager Hungary

Piotr Mazur

Chief Revenue Officer, Member of the Board

Viktor Balint

Chief Growth Officer, Member of the Board

Szabolcs Baranyai

Chief Financial Officer

Orsolya Nyitrai

Chief Human Resources Officer

Olga Zelent

Head of Sales

Lea Kalocsai

Head of Business Development

Kalman Kemenczy

Head of Education

Claudia Tamasi

Country Manager Romania

Sigrid Hantusch-Taferner

Country Manager Austria

Joanna Jankowska-Fas

Country Manager Poland

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