Got questions? We have answers!

If you apply to a course offered in your local German, Hungarian, Polish or Romanian language, then you’ll still need B1 level, medium-advanced English knowledge to be able to follow and successfully complete the course. If you apply to a course offered fully in English, you’ll need fluent, C2 level English knowledge.

No, you don’t need any background knowledge or experience to start any of our publicly available courses. You need to have basic computer literacy skills though, like knowing how to send emails, open an online account, create and format a document, search the internet, etc.

Yes, you need to have a successful high school graduation exam before you start applying to Codecool.

Yes, you’ll need to have a min. 4GB / 2 GHz laptop and a stable internet connection to study with us. Netbooks are usually not strong enough to run our software on.

You’re never too old to start learning to code. We’d be happy to have you on board regardless of your age, sex, nationality or background. You just have to be over 18 to apply to Codecool.

Answer all questions honestly, show your motivation and solve the logic games. Be over 18, have a high school graduation exam, and speak mid-level English. (We will also speak English during some parts of the live interview.) If we see that you have the right mindset and attitude to become a great junior tech professional, and you’ll invest the required time and effort into the selected course, then you’ll have every chance to get admitted to Codecool.

You’ll get the final result of your application via email within 2 workdays after completing the application process.

Yes, you can. Work on your development areas and give the application another try. We’re happy to advise you on these after your interview. We believe in you and we’re sure that with hard work and determination you can become the tech professional you are meant to become.

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