CoderGirl Scholarship for an inclusive digital future

Go for the CoderGirl Scholarship

Half of the world is female, but only a few of them choose to study and work in tech. This makes half of the population barely represented in an industry that defines our digital future. 

However, there’s proof of clear improvement in the quality and usability of digital products when women are involved in the development process. 

We created the CoderGirl Scholarship to make tech more accessible to girls and women, and invite them to take part in creating a more diverse future.



More than a free course: launch your new career and get a guaranteed tech position

The CoderGirl Scholarship is a straight path to success. Study for free at one of our tech courses, and land your first tech job at one of our partner companies in the end.

Can I get the CoderGirl Scholarship?

You can, if you:

  • are a girl or a woman,
  • apply to a course with CoderGirl
  • are willing and able to complete the course, and
  • meet our usual criteria (you have a high-school diploma, speak good English and ‹course language›, have basic logic skills, and pass the interview with our recruiters).


Seats are limited. Selection from eligible applicants is based on motivation and interview results.

Why choose Codecool?

We are a community of students, mentors, and colleagues that support each other. We deliver high-quality education and offer a fun and inspiring experience offline and online. You’ll get the full support of our pro mentors, get used to teamwork and run your first programming projects. In our school, we focus on learning through experience, so every week you will present your work to other students and hiring companies. Codecool is where your tech career begins.

Gender stereotypes in tech: not
just wrong, they’re expensive

You can do this, too

Too many women still think that coding should be a male profession because it requires special skills or competencies that women don’t have. Schools, parents and society still don’t encourage young girls to choose tech careers.

This is so not right. It’s been proven that women and men can equally make great developers. What’s more, women are believed to be more empathetic and creative in general, and these traits are a big plus in programmers.

Codecool is managed by a diverse team