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More and more governments across Europe make digital education a top priority on their agendas. State tech edu programs provide amazing future-proof career opportunities for local people. 

Codecool is a trusted provider of high-quality tech courses that are either fully state-financed, or come with state-financed seats. 

Learn more about some of the state-programs below. 

For currently available country-specific programs and courses please check out the website of your preferred Codecool location.

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Planning your life again in Hungary

Have you lost your job due to the pandemic in Hungary? State-financed tech courses provide you amazing future-proof tech career opportunities.

The courses come in 3 levels. Enter the Planning Again (‘Ujratervezes’) Program by taking a centralised foundation course first, and passing an exam. Then join us and learn Java programming, web development, testing or system administration in a 2-5 months. Finally, the best students are invited to continue their studies with us in further, advanced level courses.

Get the same Codecool experience and a chance to restart your life and career in a step-by-step process – totally free of charge. Seats are limited. Selection from eligible applicants is based on selection criteria defined by the state program framework.

You can apply, if you’re a Hungarian citizen over 18, got a laptop and stable internet, like creative challenges that test your logic and analytic skills, want to break into IT and are ready to study full-time for a few months at one of our courses.

Breaking into tech in Austria

Promoting the digital skills development of the local residents is strategic priority for the Austrian government, too. Opt for the AMS course funding and help Austria to sustainably accelerate digitisation in the heart of Europe.

Codecool’s AMS course seat funding makes your tech studies accessible. This can means that the course fee for you can be fully covered, while you are also supported on a monthly basis.

Get the same Codecool experience and a chance to restart your life and career in a step-by-step process – totally free of charge. Become a full-stack developer in one year, let the AMS support you, and finally end up with your first tech job at one of our partner companies.

You can apply, if you’re are registered with the AMS, apply for our full stack development course in Austria, and meet our usual criteria (have a high school diploma, speak good English and German, have basic logic skills, outstanding motivation and an exceptionally good interview with our student admission specialist).

Why choose Codecool?

We are a community of students, mentors, and colleagues that support each other. We deliver high-quality education and offer a fun and inspiring experience offline and online. 

You’ll get the full support of our pro mentors, get used to teamwork and run your first programming projects. In our school, we focus on learning through experience, so every week you will present your work to other students and hiring companies. 

Codecool is where your tech career begins.