The Codecool way of learning

We are proud of our unique learning model, pro mentors, and quality results. Learn tech the Codecool way and develop strong professional confidence, get hired fast, and impress everyone at your new job from day 1.

We offer intense, mentor-led courses and a growth mindset - both on-campus and online. Go for our full-stack development course for a comprehensive tech skill set, and experience our mastery-based learning method, workplace simulation, and agile project assignments.

Mastery-based learning: take all the time that you need

All at your own pace

With our mastery-based learning model, you’ll master the study material and complete the projects at a pace that is comfortable for you. Being in charge of your own learning process, you’ll develop a growth mindset and professional confidence — all key factors for long-term success.

Build a solid foundation

In our one-year full-stack dev course you’ll move through 4 modules. Mastery-based learning means that you’ll only move to a new module once you’ve mastered the material in the previous one. 

You’ll be working on projects in groups and getting individual mentoring in each module. You’ll get to work together with new team members from time to time, while the supporting environment stays the same all the way.

Mastery-based learning guarantees quality and consistency. Learning speed may differ from student to student, but everyone will have the same solid foundation by the time they graduate.

“The method really works for me. Some of us have already been coding for three years, while others like me had never seen a line of code before. Mastery-based learning is like a lifebelt for those who need more time, (but) it’s also better for fast learners.”
Máté Görög, Codecool graduate

Switch to a growth mindset: you’re not a developer … yet.

Once you have a growth mindset, you’ll understand that your potential only depends on the amount of effort you’re willing to put in.

As soon as you believe that you can do it, you’ll exceed any of your previous expectations and become the digital professional you want to be.

We’ll make you believe
in you.

We don’t care about your degrees or qualifications. We encourage your own solutions and failure all along, and use exams as snapshots of performance to power your growth. You’ll end up a high-performing junior programmer in the end, with unlimited potential and a passion for coding.

Your new weekly routine


Design and planning

Coding and development

Testing and debugging

Live client demos

Have some serious fun

It’s not always just hard work at Codecool. 

If you have fun learning, the process will be twice as effective. Whether you choose to join us online or offline, you’ll get the university-like fun campus experience, paired with an intense, project-oriented, quality learning time.

Pro mentors:
with you all the way

We know you can learn (almost) everything yourself. But we also know that it’s much easier, faster and more effective to learn everything with some help. At Codecool you’ll own your own learning process, but we will be there whenever you need assistance.

Harald Maderbacher


Markus Lehr


Guillermo Herrero


Stay cool and start coding.