Invest in your future with student loans

The return is your new, future-proof career

State and EU financed student loans available in several European countries can take your financial worries away for the time of your studies.

There are loans to fully or completely cover your tuition, help you make a living while you’re studying, or just to spend on anything you might need. Some of them are repayable without an interest, some are only due after a convenient waiting period, and in some cases you don’t even need to pay the whole amount back. 

Stop worrying about money and start focusing on your new career instead! This is going to be the best investment of your life.

Learn more below, and check out available local student loan options for your country on our local website. 

Why not cover your course from student loans?

Apply for a student loan available for your selected course in your country.

Course loan in Hungary

Course loan is available to help you finance our shorter (few months long) courses in Hungary, such as the  government-funded courses. (Our Full-Stack Development Course comes with a built-in post-payment option anyway.) 

If you are not 55 yet, you can apply for the loan.

The loan can cover 80% of your tuition fee, and you can pay it back without an interest rate. 

Hit apply, grab the student loan and invest in your future today!

OPEN door to your future in Poland

The Polish OPEN program (the National Program of Scientific Education) offers student loans financed from EU funds. They are for people like you who want to build new professional skills. 

You can take the loan if you are over 18 and live in Poland. 

You only have to pay back 85% of the amount you got. What’s more, in some cases, only 75% – making this loan a seriously cool deal! 

You can count on our support, we’ll even help you with all formalities related to receiving the loan.

Don’t wait, apply today!