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Software Testing

Hack the digital future to make it functional, convenient, and safe.

Learn manual testing with us and get ready for your future-proof tech career in 4 short months. Break into tech with an analytical attitude, and the purpose to help perfect digital solutions for everyone’s benefit.

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This immersive, mentor-led, online software tester course will get you ready for a future-proof tech career from anywhere in the world.

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Are you the type of person that is curious to see if things work as they are supposed to? Are you creative enough to make up different scenarios, to see how things might turn out? Do you have the patience to check small details, just to make sure? Then software testing might just be your cup of tea!

Manual software testers are the number 1 most wanted tech professionals on the digital job market today. As a software tester you’ll be able to plan, organise, run and document tests in an agile environment. Become one to break into tech with ease, and grab any junior tester job you want. 


Module 1

Intro to testing: software development basics

As a software tester, you’ll need a basic knowledge of how software is built. So first, you’ll get a basic introduction to programming in Python, a beginner-friendly programming language, and problem-solving with the Scratch framework. You’ll get an idea about control structures, operators and variables. 

You’ll learn how to use Git in practice and the basics of agile software development using the Scrum framework. You’ll also gain some basic understanding of Linux with virtualisation, as well as database management and SQL.

Module 2

Testing basics: static testing and test management

In the second module, you’ll learn the basics of testing. You’ll learn about the role and profession, including the ISTQB standard. Then you’ll understand the most basic testing tools you can use, including Regex. You’ll test web apps and also learn about the different types of static testing approaches

You’ll create test cases, understand the testing process, test data structures and test architecture. You’ll learn about the Jira test management system and how to use it.

Module 3

Advanced testing: structured testing and test automation

In the third module, you’ll learn to design and use UML activity diagrams and write test cases based on them. You’ll also learn about what makes mobile app testing and range-based testing special. You’ll get to know the basic tools of test automation and how to use Selenium

You’ll work together with a dev team on a joint project assignment and put your knowledge to use planning, running, coordinating and reporting tests, while also working on your communication and presentation skills.

Module 4

Testing in practice: project work

In the last module, we’ll round it all up and get your hands dirty by practising different types of tests, like smoke testing, cross-browser testing,  acceptance testing, exploratory testing, managing negative test cases and usability testing

You’ll deepdive into using Jira Glass plugin functions creating, running and managing tests, and reporting and evaluating bugs and errors.

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Get guidance from experts

Codecool mentors are pro tech leaders with lots of industry experience to share. They will be your personal guides and coaches throughout your learning journey.

You can do this, too

You need zero tech background and no special talent to become a software tester. 

We’ll start from the basics and get you to a new career in a few months. Our mentors will guide you through this life-changing journey.

You just need to be over 18, speak good English (level B2 or above), smash a cool online logic test and pass an interview to start with us. Plus, you should have a strong drive to succeed.

Future-proof your career

The IT industry is growing rapidly. Remote work is on the rise and seems to be a fully viable option for the future. Overseas companies are already opening up their positions globally. There’s likely a job waiting for you wherever you want to live as a software tester.

The application process

We’ll ask you to give us your name, email, and phone number so we know where to reach you.
We want to make sure that everything checks out for you to start the course – the date, the location, the language, etc.
We’ll invite you for a 30-minute conversation in person or online. We’ll answer all your questions, and make sure that Codecool is the right fit for you.

Learn testing
and hack the future.

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