Programming and IT Specialist Courses

We designed all of our courses in a way that ensures full-stack developers and IT specialists are business-ready from the first day of their employment.

Students not only learn the latest technologies, they also develop their soft skills and get to know agile software development methods like SCRUM.

During our practice-oriented classes and team projects, you’ll learn the latest technologies and also master soft skills such as teamwork, project management, business thinking and problem-solving, and become an invaluable asset to any team.

Working in teams on real-life workplace scenarios from day one, Codecoolers not only gain technical knowledge, but also hands-on experience in product development and project management.

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Our courses may vary in different campuses. What is always common is that we offer a job guarantee with our course, and we always offer post payment option, so you only have to pay after you graduate and get a job as a developer. Please choose a country in order to see what courses are available for you.

Mastery based learning


How does it look like in case of full-stack developer course?

Students have to move through four rooms, only entering a new one if they’ve mastered all the materials in the previous one.

They have 2-4 months to finish each module at their own pace while they work on projects in teams and get individual mentoring.

How does this benefit you? You’ll be fully in charge of your own learning process, which will keep you motivated and also helps you develop a growth mindset.

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Competency matrix

What skills will you have under your belt when you graduate as full-stack developer?

Hard Competencies to develop

  • Software design
    • Problem decomposition
    • Clean code
    • Error handling
    • Security
  • Computer science
    • Data structures
    • Algorithms
    • Networks
  • Programming paradigms
    • Procedural
    • Object-oriented
    • Functional
  • Programming languages
    • Python
    • Java
    • C#
    • C++
    • SQL
    • HTML + CSS
    • JavaScript
  • Software engineering
    • Debugging
    • Testing
    • Git
    • DevOps
  • Programming environment
    • Unix
    • Online search
    • Geekness

Soft Competencies to develop

  • Mindset
    • Growth Mindset
    • Learning (effectively)
    • Concentration
    • Self-awareness
  • Teamwork
    • Teamwork, cooperation
    • Feedback
    • Accountability
    • Agile methodology
  • Communication
    • Communication
    • Interview skills
    • Tech Language
    • Presentation
  • Being organized
    • Administration
    • Requirements handling
    • Estimation
    • Self- management
  • Languages
    • English

Student jobs/benefits

Do you have what it takes to become a Codecooler?

  • pictogram-6
    You’re an English-speaking self-starter, a great team player, analytical thinker and hard worker, all in one.
  • pictogram-8
    You’re a real go-getter, who sees mistakes and challenges as a chance to grow.
  • pictogram-7
    You understand what: no pain, no gain means, and you can commit to an intensive, full-time course, with classroom training and self-study alternating on a weekly basis.
  • pictogram-12
    You’re ready to take on the tech world in 4 or even 12+6 short months.

Job guarantee

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Our full-stack developer course comes with a job guarantee:

We match your skills with your future employer and tailor your training to your future career.

We’re so sure about our training methods that if you can’t find work after graduation (at one of our corporate partners), your tuition is on us. Unlikely as it is.

Find your calling in programming

Always dreamed about becoming a programmer or start an IT career but haven’t found the right course yet? Want to gain in-demand skills and future-proof your career? Or you’re no stranger to programming but would like to upgrade your game? You’re in the right place.


Please choose a country in order to see what courses are available for you.