Front End Developer, Web Development Course

Front End Developer Course

Future-proof IT profession – Fully Online

An immersive, mentor-led online front end developer course in English to get you ready for a future-proof tech career anywhere in the world.

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | React.js | Unit Testing | Node.js | Express.js |
App Development | UI and UX principles| Front end | Web development

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Is front end development for you?

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You need zero tech background or special skills to become a front end developer. We will start from the basics and get you to a new career in months. Our mentors will guide you through this life-changing journey.

You just need to be over 18, speak good English (level B2 or above), play a cool online logic game and pass an interview to start with us. Plus, you should have perseverance and curiosity.

As a front end developer, you may end up working on a web based application visited by thousands or even millions of people looking for important information, doing their groceries or just having fun. Or you’ll be designing an accessible app making life easier for a person with a disability. Or creating innovative tools for the next crowd-sourcing platform. The possibilities are endless. By the end of the course you will be able to develop an application by yourself.

The IT industry is growing and will continue to grow in the next 10 years. Remote work is on the rise and seems to be a fully viable option for the future. Overseas companies are already opening up their positions globally. There’s likely a job waiting for you wherever you want to live and work as a front end developer.

More than a bootcamp, better than a university


Codecool is disrupting education by bringing it closer to workplace demand and culture. Our front end developer course will make you a great junior frontend developer in just a few months. By the end you will have all the in-demand skills you need at hand, and none of the unnecessary academic concepts and by-threads.

Besides practical hard skills, you will learn to master time management, practice problem solving and become an excellent team player any employer would be happy to work with.

Our pro mentors will present you the foundations in live, online lectures on Google Meet and Discord. You’ll also participate in quizzes, live coding sessions and workshops. And you will work on real life inspired assignments to build your own hands-on skills and your professional project portfolio. Furthermore, you can practice collaborating in international teams, so you’ll be fully prepared for working as a developer.

The front end development course in numbers

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    4 or 8*months learning
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    8popular technologies
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    40completed projects
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    24/7access to edu platform

What you will learn

  • quater
    Module 1: Web UI development
    You will take your first steps in programming in HTML (SVG included) and CSS (SCSS included) - two beginner-friendly markup languages, which are unavoidable when talking about web development. In the first few weeks we will focus on these languages and will lay down the basics of building responsive websites. You’ll learn about growth mindset and Codecool culture as well.
  • half
    Module 2: JavaScript
    In the second module you will start programming in JavaScript (latest ECMA Standards included), one of the most popular programming languages in the world. You will develop skills in creating simple websites and applications in JavaScript both in teams and on your own. We will also focus on refining your time and task management skills and will introduce you how to give constructive feedback.
  • thirdq
    Module 3: JavaScript frameworks
    In the third module, you will learn about one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, React.js. By using this framework you’ll be able to create not only responsive, but also interactive User Interfaces. You’ll understand the importance of unit testing and will practice it in Jest, a JavaScript testing framework. You can also improve your presentation skills.
  • whole
    Module 4: App development
    In the last module we will continue with other JavaScript frameworks. This time we are going to focus on Node.js, and use it in backend development. Yes, we know that it’s a frontend developer course! But we find it important to just give you a glimpse of the big picture. You’ll be able to build a web server with Node.js and will be introduced to Express.js as well. Finally, we are going to guide you through an application development project, before you complete your training as a great junior web developer. At the end of the module, we are going to give you a career training which can support you starting looking for a job in the tech sector.

How you will learn

Entirely online and in English, during the whole process.

The course is split into self-instructed (SI) and team work weeks (TW). On SI-weeks you will work on your solo projects and learn the founding concepts and basic principles on your own. Self-instructed doesn’t mean that you have to tackle the challenges alone. Your mentor will be available for you all along to guide and support you. On TW weeks you’ll spend your time on large-scale projects which need to be developed in international teams, just like at any IT company you are going to work as a developer. Workshops are also organised for TW weeks.

We don’t believe in frontal education. We believe that a seasoned mentor with years of programming experience can guide you through this learning experience best. Your mentor will be there for you to answer questions, explain crucial programming concepts, and support your solo and team projects.

You can also expect working in teams on real-life workplace scenarios from day one. This way you will not only gain technical knowledge, but also hands-on experience in product development and project management. We cannot emphasize enough how valuable this experience is for your future employer. There are already 1000+ Codecoolers out there in the IT sector across Europe, who are a living proof for this.

How much the course costs

The price of the front end developer course is
2.460 EUR (incl. VAT)
For Hungarian residents the course costs
2.200 EUR

(as the course is accredited and no VAT applies in this case)

How to apply

It’s really easy to apply. The whole process will not take more than 40-60 minutes in 3 blocks. After you finish the application you will know the result in just 2 days.

  • Prerequisites

    Answer some very simple questions on your age, educational background and English knowledge.

  • Personal interview

    Meet our colleague for a chat in English about your motivation and plans. Also, please ask anything about the course and our school.

  • Benchmark game

    Test your problem solving and analytical skills with a fun game.

Why choose Codecool?

We are a community of students, mentors and colleagues that support each other. Online and offline we deliver the same high quality education, and offer the same inspiring experience. You get the full support of our pro mentors, get used to team work and run your first programming projects. In our school, we focus on learning through experience, so every second week you will present the progress of work to other students. Codecool is where your tech career begins.

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