House Rules

This page describes usage rules for Budapest Codecool location. Everything stated in this document must be respected by all employees of Codecool, Students and Visitors.
Everything stated in this document must be respected by all employees of Codecool, Students and Visitors.
General rules
  • Use Codecool Budapest Office’s areas according to their designated purpose. Please do not violate legal directions, rules of the House Rules, as consequences are yours to bare.
  • Everyone is responsible for his/her own acts, if someone breaks something, [s]he has to pay for it.
  • If the doorbell is ringing and no-one opens it, please open the door, but if you don’t know the one who wants to get in, please ask him/her who is [s]he searching for and find a staff member for help.
  • We use English in our written communication. Why? First, in order to practice English (as you most probably will need to use it as a programmer), second, we’re an international company so we can work together better if we have a common language (e.g. imagine a foreign mentor helping with an issue first sent to us). So please use English even in a private chat message (the only exception is the emails in legal topics sent by the office to make sure that everybody understands the same).
Open hours
The office can be used with following restrictions:
  • Opening hours for students is different for the two floors. Do not use the office areas outside these hours. If you would like to use the office space outside these hours, contact the office manager ([email protected]).
    • The 1st floor is open from 6am to midnight every day
    • The 2nd floor is open from 8am to 5pm on weekday
    • The whole office can only be used for educational purposes and other events organized by the employees of Codecool.
    • No party in the school: this is a learning community and we work hard here. If you are done with your daily work, leave the office.
    • Codecool organises public events and open days when visitors are allowed, otherwise students should not bring visitors to the school.
  • Students should be in the school on their teamwork weeks from 9:00 to 15:00. Students arriving after 9:00 are considered as late, students arriving after 10:00 are considered as absent.
  • Students should take all their belongings (computer, clothes, food) home on their last day of the TeamWork week
  • The last person leaving the office is responsible of the following:
    • Closing all windows
    • Turning off all the TVs, projectors
    • Turning down all lights (inc. meeting room, toilets, kitchen, small room, corridor)
    • Starting the dish washing machine.
    • Securing the office / closing the main door
  • Everyone entering the office is responsible for its cleanliness.
  • Eating is only allowed in the kitchens and the 1st floor corridor. Please do not use the 2nd floor kitchen for eating your lunch as it is really small.
  • Open glasses can’t be used outside of the kitchen or 1st floor corridor, but if the opening of your glass/mug/bottle can be closed you can take it in the rooms and the 2nd floor. Please keep it closed, when you’re not drinking. 🙂
  • Collect the trash selectively! We collect garbage in a selective way:
    • Paper
      • Paper, wrapper, carton
      • Milk and juice cartons after washing them out
      • No paper with dirt on it (like used tissue paper or napkin etc.)
    • Plastic + metal
      • Plastic food wrappers after cleaning
      • Plastic bottles after squeezing (please use the bottle-squeezer)
      • Metal soda cans after cleaning
    • Household waste
      • Everything else
Kitchen rules
  • All equipments are open to use for every Student and Staff member.
  • After using plates, cutlery, mugs or glasses the user is responsible for cleaning it or placing it into the dishwasher.
  • Leaving anything in the kitchen sink is forbidden.
  • The unique mugs are mainly student/staff property, you should use the common mugs or your own.
  • Equipment must be kept clean after usage.
  • All plastic boxes should be taken home at the end of the week.
  • Refrigerator
    • All items placed in the refrigerator must have a stickers on them with two information: the owner’s name and the date of placement
    • The refrigerator is cleaned every Friday evening.
    • An item is trashed if:
      • there’s no owner on the sticker
      • there’s no date on the sticker
      • it’s placement was more than 2 weeks ago
      • the cleaning lady can decide to trash something even before the date in some cases (a dairy product can become rotten within 2 weeks)
  • Dishwasher
    • Is it full with clean stuff? Please unpack it and place its contents to their place. Feel free to ask for help, doing it in a team makes it a lot quicker.
    • Is it full with dirty stuff? Please start it:
      • open it
      • put a cleaning tablet into it’s slotpower on the machine
      • select Eco mode
      • close it, its that easy! 🙂
  • Coffee machine: there is a coffee machine next to the garage kitchen door. You can buy several kinds of coffee or tea there. You can pay with cash or credit card. Please drink your coffee in the kitchen or use a closable mug.
Other location specific rules and information
  • The rules below are valid regardless you are on your SI or TW week.
  • Education rooms
    • Do not move the different types of chairs from their place (kitchen, meeting room, chill space).
    • Take all your stuff home at the end of the week! Every Friday evening all the things from and inside the tables can be thrown out without consideration.
  • Projector + TV + sound system
    • All these systems are primarily used for educational purposes by the mentors
    • Students can use these systems with the permission of any mentor
    • After usage, all systems must be turned off
  • Meeting rooms
    • The meeting room is used primarily for PAs, consultations and other meetings organized by staff members
    • Anyone who wants to use the meeting room must reserve a time slot in Google Calendar
    • Only employees of Codecool can reserve the meeting room, so if you’d like to use that, please ask them to reserve you a slot
  • Silent room / 2nd floor Keep quiet and chill 🙂 do not disturb others. The Silent room moved to the second floor and it is named Ocean.
  • Corridor Coats, unused bags and other stuff should be stored in the hanging wardrobe
  • WC The general rule is to leave the toilet as clean and odorous, as you had found it before
  • Shower The general rule is to leave the shower as clean and odorous, as you had found it before
  • Gaming areas All gaming facilities (foosball table, table tennis) can be used:
    • before 9AM
    • between 12-1PM, if there’s no education in the office
    • after 3PM, if every other present student allows playing
    • when Codecool doesn’t hold a public event
  • The thermostat’s settings (the ventilator and the temperature) are managed by Codecool staff. If you’re cold/hot, please let a staff member know about it, but do not change anything by yourself! Please do not open any windows, rather tell any staff member if you have any problem.
  • Bringing in weapons, explosive and easily flammable material is not permitted.
  • In case of emergency or need, there is a medkit in the Kitchens.
  • We have a small library in the Codecool Budapest Office. The goal is to collect all “Recommended readings” about software development in printed format. Anybody can read these books – but only in the office. Taking these books home is not allowed!
Dogs in the Office
These are the rules you (and your dog) should respect, in order to come to school together:
  • Respect the Allowed and Off-limit zones
    • Leave some room to those who are not coming out well with dogs.
      • Allowed places: Corridors, Classrooms, Meeting rooms (on 1st floor), Garage and the new kitchen
      • Off-limit zone: 2nd floor altogether, Restrooms, Old Kitchen
  • Surely House-trained You are responsible for all the actions of the dog. If the dog makes any damage, you have to manage and pay for it.
  • You pay for the necessary cleaning Cleaning up leftovers from the carpet needs special equipments, which costs a lot.
  • Min. 6 month old Puppies are cute, but you can’t be sure that a few month old will behave as you expect.
  • Not on Heat period Lady dogs tends to misbehave while on their period.
  • Weary / Not energised The school is not a park, even with our long corridors. Please play with the dog outside, in a park, before coming to school!
  • Brush the dog before coming The strongest concern about dogs in the office is fur. Please brush your dog before coming to school with her.
  • Sick pets stay home As you should stay home when you’re not feeling well, please don’t bring germs with your dog either.
  • The pet must be comfortable being around people (other than its human) Don’t force your dog to a stressful situation, if you’re not sure that she can handle it.
  • Use the dog calendar If you intend to bring your dog into school with you, you should reserve a dog slot in the dog calendar: dog calendar
  • Introduce your dog to all rooms Please introduce every new dog to all rooms, to let people know him/her and know that they can contact you.
  • Don’t let the dog on any furniture This includes chairs, sofas, coaches and beanbags. Think about other people using these items, they might not like to take home your dogs fur.
  • Bring only appropriate games You can bring his/her chewing game, but please don’t bring any games that makes sound.
Foosball table specific rules
Any student can use the foosball table with the following restrictions.
  • Please do not lift the table with pulled-out bars
  • Do not put your weight onto the bars, as they can bend quickly
Game rules
  • The game lasts until the first team reaches 6.
  • If there are no other people waiting to play, a rematch can be played (by switching sides between the team).
  • If the result is equal after the rematch, a final match should be played. The final should be won by a difference of 2 goals.
  • If the result is 6-0 on any match, the game should be continued until 10-0, or if the losing team scores a goal.
  • If the score reaches 10-0, the losing team should crawl under the table 🙂
  • No twirling, the maximum rotation what a line of players can make is 360 degrees.
  • Shooting from the middle is valid, but at least one pass should be made after throwing in the ball
  • When the ball stops and can’t be reached by the players, the table should be lifted in a way, so that the ball rolls away from the nearest goal.
  • Do not lift the table when the bars are pulled out.
Table tennis specific rules
Any student can use the table tennis with the following restrictions.
  • Do not put your weight onto the table
  • After you finished the game please put the rackets and balls into their sockets
  • The table can only be used in the garage, and in the kitchen (if needed). It cannot be moved outside the kitchen’s door at all. This means that if the garage is occupied, the ping-pong table cannot be used.
Around the world game rules: Watch this video for the rules.