Take your brain to the gym – 5 cool logic games for future coders


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Logic games, like puzzles, memory games and riddles can give your brain a nice workout. Plus, they help to formalise your thinking into a step-by-step process, which comes in handy when you want to work as a programmer. So if you’re thinking about starting a coding career, we can only encourage you to play some games and to give your logical thinking skills a boost.

Games that improve your logical thinking skills are a top choice when you’re bored at home. For a break during working hours or later when you’d just feel like scrolling for hours on social media… It’s a smart idea to bring some variety into your days. They will help keep your mind sharp and improve your concentration, memory, and processing speed.

Check out our favorite logic games, and make them a part of your daily routine!

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Have you ever heard of Einstein’s riddle? It goes:

“There are five houses of different colours next to each other. In each house lives a man. Each man has a unique nationality, an exclusive favourite drink, a distinct favourite brand of cigarettes, and keeps specific pets. Use the clues to fill the grid and answer the question: Who owns the fish?”

The legend says that this riddle was originally created by Albert Einstein, who said that only 2% of the world’s population was smart enough to solve it. Zebra Puzzles has a ton of similar games, and they’ll for sure twist your brain.

To solve these types of puzzles, you should start by solving the most ‘basic’ clues, and then move forward by combining the information at hand. The game will let you know when you solved a clue, so you’ll always see if you’re headed in the right direction. Good luck!

These types of puzzles and riddles are for smart cookies who can think outside of the box. They will help to train your problem-solving and logical thinking skills for sure, and can also require some creativity. The site has the right answers waiting for you at all times, so you will not be left in the dark. Get creative and start to sharpen your mind!

(Answer to the above riddle: he was walking, not driving)

Nonograms and the many visual puzzles on The Puzzle Team’s site have so many variations and challenges, they can make your head spin. But if you like simple, quick, yet challenging puzzles, these will be your games. We love Pipes and Battleships for instance, but you can even find your daily sudoku fix here. There’s just so much to choose from, go ahead and check them out!

You can find the description of every game on the left side of the page, or even choose a bigger grid to increase their difficulty if you want to take it up a notch. Happy solving!

To solve Brilliant’s puzzles, you need to combine not only logical thinking skills, but some mathphysics, or even geometry knowledge. Just like the one above, these are not for the faint of heart. You can even see the number of players working on each challenge, which can be motivating to try and be among the first ones to solve the puzzle.

These challenges can be so advanced, that the site recommends some logic warmups before them. These can also be great on their own if you’re just looking for a quick mind-training session.

“As you are reading this message, you will notice some spelling errors. Do not be frigtened, however. This is how you must anelyze: 

First, find al of the missing, repeated, or incorrect letters.

Second, alow yurself to look at these and look at the wword that is represinted.

Finally, tell me a numbur that most commonnly is associated with the word.”

Do you get the task? This riddle is from Braingle and it’s just one of the many puzzles, trivias, riddles, and metal aerobics (or “mentalrobics”) you can find on the site. Besides games testing your attention to detail, you can access memory tests using letters, numbers or words, do a comprehensive IQ test (not the official one, but a very immersive, quicker version), and many more.

What’s even more extra about this site is that they have resources to support your personal learning sessions: you can create your own flashcards to make learning easier. On top of it all, they have a ton of fun trivia games with the widest variety of topics from classical art to random fact quizzes.

Ready for the next level?

We hope that you found some games on our list that you like, and that you will spend some time training your brain every day.

Don’t forget that to code, you truly don’t need superhero abilities. Just motivation, perseverance, and good logic skills.

If you want to take your logical thinking skills even further and would like to start coding, don’t look any further. We’ve got the method and the mentors to take you to a future-proof career in only 10 months.

Get familiar with our courses, and let’s chat about how we could help you to start a new tech career!

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