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The day we open the doors of Codecool Vienna is quickly approaching: we’re welcoming everybody who is interested in a new digital future at Talent Garden from August 19th.

The lights will finally light up our campus at Talent Garden, and the space will soon be filled with life, chatter, and the Codecool vibe we all love.

As the opening day gets closer and closer, we want to give you a sneak-peak behind the scenes and let you in on all the cool stuff that is waiting for you.

1. You’ll land your dream job, fast

We’re bringing you the same quality of disruptive education that Codecoolers in Hungary, Poland and Romania already know and love. We’re the go-to for people looking for a change in their careers and lives, and our flagship full-stack course with a job guarantee is definitely a game-changer.

We’ll land you a job as a junior tech professional at one of our partner companies in the end, and you don’t even need a background in tech to start. For example, you could begin your new career at Raiffeisen, a partner company already waiting for fresh Codecoolers in Austria.

All you need is curiosity and motivation, and we’ll take care of the less fun parts of the job hunt for you when you’re done with the course. We’ll help you prepare for interviews, give you personalised support and feedback, and find you fitting positions. All you’ll need to do is give your best at interviews, and you’ll be able to land your dream job in no longer than 6 months after you finished the course.

Read more about the Codecool way of learning and our job guarantee.

2. You can afford it

We understand how challenging it is to want a career change or to start fresh in IT, but not have the resources yet to pay for an intensive one-year course right from your pocket. To achieve your dreams, join our Full-Stack Development course and opt to pay afterwards, in convenient monthly instalments, when you’re already earning a nice salary in tech.

A job in IT means a nice base salary, even as a junior professional, and coding is definitely a future-proof career. It’s a smart choice to secure your future, and you only need a successful application to start at Codecool.

Get familiar with other payment options, too.

3. You'll join an inclusive community

The tech scene is undergoing a major transformation, and we’re all about bringing more women into tech to drive this change. We know girls can code, but the stigma of coding being a man’s profession is still very much there. But that’s all about to change!

To get more women into tech, we started the CoderGirl Scholarship.

Our goal is to offer scholarships to about 10% of our applicants (the 10% being a general target that can be a bit more or less depending on the eligibility of applicants), and give girls an opportunity to power-up their lives with a new career.

So if you’re a girl and feel motivated to code, all you need to do is to give it a try and apply. In the end, you could be eligible for a free place at our Full-Stack Development Course and eventually land a new job in tech thanks to our job guarantee.

Read more about women in tech or apply for the CoderGirl Scholarship.

4. You'll have some serious fun

That Codecool community vibe that we all know and love will soon arrive to our cool campus at Talent Garden.
Looks fantastic, right?

Imagine it’s full of like-minded people you can learn and connect with on a daily basis, and do all the fun things that come with being a Codecooler. You’ll have your mentors, you’ll have your teammates, and you’re all going to be at the heart of Vienna in a cool shared office space.

To be honest, it won’t even be that different from when you’ll start to work in your new tech job afterwards – after all, home office and co-working spaces are slowly becoming the new normal.

Check out where exactly you can find us.

5. You can try it for a week and get the vibe

You’re not familiar with coding and the world of tech yet? Are you a bit worried that you don’t have what it takes to learn to code?

We’ve got you covered!

You can get a taste of IT at our Intro to Coding course. Through exciting solo and team coding challenges and thanks to our pro mentors, you’ll understand that you can for sure code if you put your mind to it.

Plus, you’ll gain an understanding of the different IT roles and jobs you could start to pursue, and will get to know like-minded people that could end up being your future Codecool teammates.

Did we mention that the course is practically free of charge to try? The registration fee is refundable or deductible from the fee of your next course.

Apply for the course today, and meet us there.

We can’t wait to get to know you!

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