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We see AI assistants like ChatGPT as valuable tools that can revolutionize how developers work, solve problems, and learn new things. That’s why we’re incorporating it into our curriculum. With AI as a powerful sidekick, our students can accomplish even more incredible things. 

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AI is constantly making headlines for its potential benefits and perceived dangers. From self-driving cars to volcano-eruption predictions, we already see the impacts. Education is no exception

If you ask us, the future is looking brighter than ever. Keep reading to explore the possible outcomes of AI going mainstream, the future of developer jobs, and how we’re making ChatGPT a part of our curriculum at Codecool. We’ll show you how we use it in our education to make learning experiences more efficient and AI-powered for our students.

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The hype around AI and ChatGPT

If you’ve been lagging behind on the AI news, let us recap: though AI has been around the block for quite some time, Open AI’s ChatGPT (and now an even better version, GPT-4) and its widespread availability have raised an ocean of new questions, and concerns for humanity.

From writers and coders to medical professionals, everybody gasped for a second and asked: “Will my job go obsolete because of AI?” Meanwhile, teachers and students across the world are wondering: “Does writing essays even make sense anymore now that AI can do it?”

Advantages and disadvantages

If you meddle with creating amazing images on Midjourney (a Discord server where you can create masterpieces with AI) or already use AI to make your daily life easier, you’ll find that it’s a wonderful tool full of possibilities. It seems to be limitless. It can improve your productivity, debate you on complex subjects, and even beat you at a poker game like nothing.

But as exciting as AI can be, it’s important to consider the potential downsides. While we can’t predict the future, one of the many concerns is the possibility of job loss and some professions becoming pointless due to AI. Another chilling outcome of AI becoming mainstream is that, at one point, we won’t be able to distinguish between AI-generated content and those made by a real person. Think voices, videos, pictures, and written materials. Meanwhile, in education, it mostly raises concerns because of cheating and possible plagiarism. But distinguishing between false and correct answers will also cause a huge headache once AI spreads widely.

It’s a fast-changing landscape for AI, and lawmakers are trying to keep up with the pace of change. They’re already debating whether ChatGPT is a high-risk AI in Europe and putting the E.U. AI Act in action.

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How will AI affect the work of developers?

Before we dive into the Codecool method’s changes, let’s explore an important question first: “Will AI make the job of coders obsolete?”

If you ask us, the answer is that it seems highly unlikely.

While AI is undoubtedly impressive, it has its limitations. ChatGPT, for example, is based on vast amounts of past data. Thanks to this, it’s unable to replace human ingenuity, as it can only work with what it already knows. It’s capable of mimicking creativity, so it can be useful during brainstorming sessions. However, it needs constant refinement and a human to guide it.

AI everywhere

So what seems much more possible is that the role of developers will transform thanks to AI. Here are 5 reasons why it’s highly unlikely that coders will be a thing of the past because of AI:

Why AI cannot replace coders

  1. AI models like ChatGPT need constant care. But who’s behind this magic? Developers, of course! They’re needed to create, manage, and improve these systems.
  2. Since every business is unique and has specific software needs, developers must tailor and integrate solutions and ensure that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.
  3. AI can solve problems, but only with the right, specific parameters. That’s where developers – the creative problem solvers – come in. They’re the ones whole can tackle complex, real-world challenges that don’t fit into a box.
  4. To make the world a better place with AI developers are key. They can ensure that AI is designed and implemented transparently and ethically, with society’s best interests in mind.
  5. AI has its limits. It can’t understand the human context or handle specialized tasks. That’s why developers are essential – they fill in the gaps and make sure that AI works hand-in-hand with human expertise. Plus, these systems are adept at providing false information in a very convincing way – so it’s crucial to check their output all the time.

Instead of developers disappearing, we believe that AI will most likely transform their work. Though we can’t predict the future, coders may focus more on designing and implementing new AI systems, creating cutting-edge algorithms, and finding innovative ways to incorporate AI into our daily lives. Here’s a quote to live by when thinking about the future of developers:

If you build the needed skills and use the best tools for the job - which, today might be hand-coding, but later on, it might be AI-guiding - you will be fine. Software is just a tool to help people accomplish something. Programmers never understood this. Keep your eyes on the delivered value, and don’t over-focus on the specifics of the tools.

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Artificial intelligence in our education

We’re not just embracing AI; we’re integrating it into our teaching method and curriculum to create an unmatched learning experience. We understand the concerns some people have about AI leading to cheating, but rest assured – our focus on practice-based learning and individual skills assessments ensures that Codecoolers truly master the art of coding. If anything, AI will provide some aid while you learn to code with us.

There’s no shortcut to becoming a skilled developer, not even with ChatGPT.

Plus, with the potential to render Google’s search engine obsolete, ChatGPT (and similar AI assistants) is too powerful a tool to ignore. And we are excited to incorporate it into our curriculum. AI could revolutionize how we learn and solve problems, and at Codecool, we want to lead the way in making the most of it.

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What are we going to teach?

Our goal is to prepare students for using AI to their benefit so that ChatGPT and similar AI-powered tools can become their sidekicks. AI can be a real time and energy saver, so we want to equip Codecoolers with the tools and the knowledge they need to make the best of AI.

‘AI assistants in programming’ workshops

To help students get a grip on AI immediately, we’re organizing workshops for Codecoolers in the first modules of our flagship Full-Stack Development Course

During the workshops, we discuss the history and the most important aspects of AI systems first. Like the relation these neural networks have to the brain and its functions, and of course, how programming comes into the picture. We’ll also go into detail on possible AI problems, like hallucinations

Then, exercises will follow to practice interacting with ChatGPT and similar AI models to:

  • write the best possible prompts for maximum outcome
  • get valuable feedback
  • improve the learning process
  • use them as code evaluators
  • avoid possible mistakes

Project-based learning with AI

On top of the workshops, we’re going to have AI-focused projects in our curriculum too. They aim to deepen the knowledge of AI even further and put it all into practice even more.

For example, the art of prompting cannot be stressed enough regarding AI. Practicing it will prove to be invaluable later on for developers. The same goes for being well-prepared to validate AI-written code.

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Can ChatGPT and similar AI models replace mentors?

Sure, AI has its uses when it comes to learning to code. But let’s be real – nothing beats having an experienced mentor to guide you through becoming a developer. Plus, AI is notorious for giving wrong answers. At Stack Overflow, they already banned ChatGPT

Mentors bring a level of real-world experience that AI models simply can’t match. They can adjust their teaching style to your needs, offer career advice, and provide emotional support when needed. Plus, with mentors, you can get immediate feedback which is crucial to learn effectively. And let’s not forget that when faced with a challenge, mentors can think outside the box – something AI models just can’t do.

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