C# programming language: Java’s worthy rival


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Interested in C# programming? We’re here to let you in on the adventurous history and key characteristics of this world-famous programming language.

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C# (C Sharp) is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Despite the fact that it is younger than its well-known fellow languages, like Python, PHP or Java, it basically dominates Windows applications and servers. Its history is interesting in itself, since Microsoft invented the language as a result of a huge, IT-related lawsuit, practically out of spite.

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The adventurous origins of the C# programming language

Before the new millennium, Microsoft used the Java programming language of Sun Microsystems for its own operating system. Then, in the 90s they thought they would start to enhance Java with functions and services that matched Windows. However, they did this without any kind of permission. Because of the creative hack, they ended up at court, and this stunt cost Microsoft almost two billion dollars. As a result of the incident, Microsoft decided that they do not need Sun; they strongly believed that they could develop their own framework and programming language. And they were absolutely right. This Microsoft framework is what we call .NET, and the accompanying language is C#, which eventually evolved into one of the most popular programming languages. C# is nothing else, but the revised edition of Java. Not only its syntax and code are dead ringers of its biggest rival, but it also serves similar purposes. And with a hinterland like Microsoft, it is just as praised among companies as its (almost identical) twin, Java. Besides these, the language has a funny, Codecool-related side as well: when it was invented, instead of C# people referred to it as COOL (C-like Object-Oriented Language). Of course, this is not the reason why you can specialise in C# at the end of our Full-Stack Development Course. The reason is that this is one of the most in-demand hard skills at companies looking for tech experts.
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What is the difference between .NET and C#?

If you are interested in programming with C#, you will inevitably run into the expression, .NET. These two are often confused for one another, however, they do not mean the same. Both .NET and C# are products of Microsoft, but while .NET is a framework, which uses the programming language, C# is one of the programming languages, in which we develop. You can run other programming languages on .NET framework, and you can use C# with other frameworks as well. Furthermore, C# codes written in .NET system (with the help of different implementations) can run on any compatible operating system, therefore you can develop multi-platform applications with it.
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Why is the C# programming language so popular?

C# has numerous advantages which is why it is a real frontrunner on the popularity list of programming languages. It is relatively easy to learn, so fearless amateurs can give it a shot as well, and – since this is an object-oriented language –it is rather simple and effective, and it is always at the forefront in new features. For C# programmers it is also important that writing in this language is not complicated; besides that, it is a great help that Microsoft supports developers with thorough, intensive documentation. An impressive online community also helps the work, so throughout the developing process, you can find answers to almost all of your questions. This language has several areas of use, but it is mainly applied for the development of web-based back-end systems. Beyond Windows applications you can develop video games and mobile applications as well. Some of the top mobile applications, like Slack, Pinterest or Tableau were written in C#.

C# + Unity = an awesome match for game development

It is also worth learning C# if you want to become a game developer since one of the most popular game engines, Unity uses this language as well. The name of the tech company might sound extremely familiar, since they launched such games as Assassin’s Creed: Identity, Arizona Sunshine or everyone’s favourite VR game, Beat Saber. Unity is an outstandingly versatile framework for developers, because not only games, but 3D animations and complex engineering visualisations can be developed on it.

Is C# hard to learn?

If you want to jump right in and start to learn C# just know that it’s not that hard to learn. We’d say that all-in-all it’s a loveable but complex programming language. With some experience in the field of programming, you can reach a beginner level knowledge within 2-3 months, but to be an expert, you would need more time. At Codecool, you can specialise in C# in the 2nd half of our Full-Stack Development Course. Our professional, mentor-led and practice-oriented course puts great emphasis on learning the language through projects, therefore within a few months, you will be able to write codes confidently. As an experienced C# programmer you can expect a nice salary, since specialisation in this programming language continues to be one of the most in-demand expertise on the tech market.
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