“I found my place in the world” – Codecool in DIGITALEUROPE video by BBC StoryWorks


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At Codecool we believe in a digital future built by amazing, everyday people – changing the world, starting with themselves. These hard working individuals all have a strong drive and shared passion to start their lives anew in future-proof tech careers. We do our best to help them on their journey, and in the end connect them with innovators so that they can contribute to corporate digital strategies with a purpose.

Our mission and one of our Codecooler’s story inspired DIGITALEUROPE. They decided to share it in a video produced by BBC StoryWorks, in the scope of a new video series, titled ‘Digitally Enlightened‘.

We are proud to be featured in the series and hope to inspire others, too, to believe in a bright digital future for Europe.

A story of self-realisation and special value

In the video we get to meet Dóra Koleny first, an ex-Codecooler. Previously, Dóra studied hard for years to realise her ambitions, only to find out she couldn’t find happiness in her job in public healthcare. To reinvent her life, she decided to learn programming at Codecool. Today, she feels she made the best decision, and is happier in her new work than ever.

We also get to know John Ford, VP Engineering & Site Leader at LogMeIn. John sees Codecool graduates as being “very rounded”. He believes that the fact that Codecoolers often come from different backgrounds makes them really special candidates, and great team members that are easy to work with.

Calling to action for a stronger, digital Europe

With 82 corporate global leaders and 39 national trade association members representing over 35,000 businesses, DIGITALEUROPE is the leading trade association representing digitally transforming industries in Europe.

They stand for a regulatory environment that enables European businesses and citizens to prosper from digital technologies. They wish Europe to grow, attract and sustain the world’s best digital talents and technology companies.

In the end, DIGITALEUROPE strives for a Europe where digital technologies, innovation and artificial intelligence can provide citizens with competitive jobs, better health and better public services.

Taking our story further to inspire

BBC StoryWorks is the content studio of BBC Global News. Building on their century-long pedigree as the world’s most trusted storytellers, they work with brands to create beautifully crafted stories that move and inspire curious minds, across platforms and across the globe – in a way that is consistent with BBC standards and values.

Exploring Europe’s workforce expanding the digital frontier

The landmark film series titled ‘Digitally Enlightened’ was created by DIGITALEUROPE together with BBC StoryWorks , to share great ideas and success stories of Europe going digital.
The series was launched on 14 April, and explores how a common vision would help digital innovation scale up and flourish to the benefit of consumers and companies.

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