“It’s just drag-and-drop” – busting the #1 myth around front-end development


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Front end developers are the ones who first get the praise from the business if the application looks great, functions great and loads in a whim. Putting the finished app finally in front of the users, they are often the ones in the spotlight, which already makes this role really attractive. With the web industry booming, front end development has become super popular in the last five years, with lots of job ads and nice salaries.

However, not everyone is equally happy about this. Ever heard other developers say that front end must be so easy, it is only about tossing some UI elements around? A few buttons here, some pop-up and animation over there, and then just apply the whole thing to mobile to finish up. Well, if that is true, and FE professionals have such an easy job, then why are they in high demand on the market? Sounds suspicious at least, doesn’t it?

Front end development is one of those areas in IT with some myths around it. We will list some of these, try to explain why they are there, and what the reality is. Spoiler alert: many times it’s quite the opposite!

We will also take a look at how you can become a Front End Developer, if you got inspired learning about this exciting profession.

But first of all, let’s see what front end dev actually is!

What do Front End Developers Do?

Front End Development is all about the user and the user’s interaction with the app. FE Developers create the client facing part of the application filling the UX / UI designs with life, function and performance. They typically work in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create functioning layouts, organise content, and add, position and program elements like buttons, text, images, graphics and animations, and anything that enhances usability.

Most IT specialist understand that they each have a limited overview of the app development, and respect and appreciate each other’s work. There is still a minority of developers who think their work is superior to others and try justifying their opinion by false facts. Some of them might also be a bit jealous of the growing popularity of front end jobs.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 myths, why the critics are are wrong, and what is the actual truth.

What do Others Think Front End Developers Do?

Myth #3: "They use a "horrible" programming language"

Why some say this: Developers who don’t understand Javascript might think it’s horrible.

What is the truth:JavaScript is a popular, continuously evolving object-oriented programming language used to create interactive components for a dynamic user interface, such as checkboxes and search fields. Some functions are not self-explaining to those not familiar with it, like nested functions, OO conventions, common patterns or chaining. But this doesn’t make the language horrible. It just means it’s like any other language: you need to first learn it to master it. Also, JS is getting better and better, and it is completely different and much easier to use today, than a few years ago.

Myth #2: "They are just learning to become full-stack developers"

Why some say this: Since most developers only see their part of the software development process, some feel it must be the most important part, and everyone should care about that part first of all. 

What is the truth: Back end and front end development are two completely different sets of tasks, requiring completely different sets of skills, tools and focus. Full-stack developers combine this, but not everyone has to be a full-stack developer – each of these development jobs are completely legitimate jobs of their own, too. And it will not help a project to raise expectations about others learning our skills – everyone should rather focus on doing a good job in their own area and creating a great app together. 

Myth #1: "They just put up a nice design on top of an already working app"

Why some say this: With this top myth we are back to the same root problem: what you don’t see, you don’t know. Some developers underestimate the creative work front end developers do in a constrained browser environment to make the app work fast, look nice and create a great customer experience on any screen and platform. They believe the job is solved by some drag and drop, and the design looking nice.

What is the truth: Front end developers work to put a compatible, fast and nice front to the data and make it usable for the user. They have never had a harder job than today with growing speed and quality expectations, complexity of web environments, and constantly changing browers and devicesFront end can make or break an app, back end and front end, and other IT experts together can create the best apps, appreciating each other’s work. 

Now that we have busted some myths around the profession, let’s check why so many other tech professionals appreciate FE development, and why FE developers themselves love their own jobs.

What do Front End Developers Think?

Most FE developers who really love their jobs usually list some of the below reasons.

1. Front End is Fancy

FE development is so much more than just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You get to make use of good visual and usabilitydesign sense, some knowledge of architecture and infrastructure, and you can learn cool new technologies all the time.

2. Front End is Spectacular

You get the appreciation of the user first and see the app actually in use. You also get instant feedback by seeing the result of your work very fast – in design, in performance, in function.

3. Front End is a Big Family

There is a very large and active community also for FE developers on Github, Facebook, Quora and other forums. You will always find somebody who already has a solution to your problem, eager to help you out.

4. Front End is a Great Career Choice

Just as we already mentioned in the beginning, FE dev is really trending on the job market. Companies are investing more and more in these skills to keep up with customer demand and web innovation.

If you are ready to start a journey into continuous learning, would be happy liaising with other project members (product owners, UX designers, graphic designers, backend developers, other front end developers, testers and users), and love the idea of seeing the app put in front of real users, then the job of a FE developer or engineer might be just the best choice for you.

We at Codecool only offer quality courses about stuff that you can profit from later in your tech career, both in English and in local languages in Hungary, Poland and Romania. We see the growing demand for front end skills at our partners and on the international and local markets in general.

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