Growth mindset: a top soft skill for software developers


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A growth mindset can make or break your success when you train to become a developer. That’s why we made this concept a pivotal element of our teaching method. Check out the benefits of a growth mindset and learn how it works in action at Codecool.

growth mindset soft skills for software developers

During our Full-Stack Development course, you’ll become a full-fledged, skilled and motivated developer – capable of taking on new knowledge quickly and eager to learn new things.

But how does this happen in only ten months? A considerable part of this process is the growth mindset you’ll gather at Codecool. This soft skill will drive your progress behind the scenes and help you grow in a way you never thought possible. Let’s see how!

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What is the growth mindset concept?

The growth mindset describes a way of thinking about challenges and mistakes.

When you have a growth mindset, you know that encountering a setback doesn’t mean you’re bound to keep having them. It’s just the natural way of progress, and you know that your abilities aren’t set in stone.

We’ve known this since Carol Dweck’s 2014 TED talk.

“Just because some people can do something with little to no training, it doesn’t mean that others can’t do it (and sometimes do it even better) with training.”

The importance of a growth mindset in education

Having a fixed or growth mindset can make or break your succes when you’re learning something new.


Because by cultivating a growth mindset you begin to understand that your potential depends on the work you put in. It’s not due to talent you should’ve been born with or any other outside factor. Once believing this, you’ll begin to thrive, take ownership of your learning journey, and progress in a way you never thought you could.

Carol Dweck researched this theory for 30 years. According to her research, children tend to have an inherent growth mindset about their potential. On the other hand, adults are already conditioned to a fixed mindset regarding their own and others’ capabilities in many topics, which limits their ability to progress.

What is a fixed mindset?

We all have a fixed mindset about certain things, our own capabilities above all.

We tend to think that our skills are rooted in talent and shaped by circumstances. That our understanding or inherent skills cannot be improved. And this can limit progress in many areas of life.

Writing code is a perfect example of that. You might think you won’t be able to code because you’re not good with math or you’re not naturally ‘techy’. But the right mindset and method can work wonders – and you don’t even need advanced math to learn to code!

Growth mindset in action at Codecool

All our graduates started successful new tech careers. But how do we make the growth mindset concept an integral part of our methodology?


  • We focus on you right from the start

During the application process, instead of looking at degrees, tech experience, or achievements, we want to get to know you and learn what drives you. We explore your goals and personality, and apart checking your logical thinking and English skills, we won’t check any other hard skills. We do this because we know that having a degree or good grades in high school will have nothing to do with your capability to be a successful coder.

  • You’ll get the big picture right away

Instead of keeping knowledge to ourselves, we’ll let you in on the bigger picture behind our teaching approach. During the first few days, we’ll present the growth mindset theory, share our implementation plan and help you understand your role in the bigger scheme. You’ll realize that becoming a tech talent is your path; therefore, you are the driving force behind it. If you put in the work, you’ll succeed.

  • We put our signature on your success

We know our method is effective and our belief in your success is rock-solid. So solid that if you take our job guarantee, we promise to get you hired in six months or less after you graduate from our Full-Stack Development course. And if we can’t do that, your tuition fee will be on us. So far, more than 90% of our graduated students have found a job with our help, and 100% work in new tech jobs.

  • You’ll study in a workplace simulation

During your training, you’ll work individually and in agile project groups too. You’ll gain experience with the agile way of working and learn a lot from your teammates and mentors. This way, you’ll organically develop a ton of new skills. Not to mention, you’ll become a great team player with solid soft skills.

  • You’ll get challenging but achievable tasks

We match the actual level of your skills with the type of tasks you get during the Full-Stack Development course. Mentors and peers are there to help you, and resources are provided. But we make sure not to give out final answers, and instead encourage you to find your own unique solutions to challenges.

  • Our tests and exams power your growth

Frequent evaluations will help to see where you are in the process and what you still need to work on. What’s important is that we don’t take tests for judgments. Instead, we just want to show you how your progress is going, and help you understand where you still need to improve.

Want to boost your confidence and skills?

Becoming an excellent developer depends on more than just technical knowledge. If you’re interested in our courses and a new career, consider applying to Codecool.

The knowledge base you’ll gather here will help you land your dream job in ten months. Plus, with a university-like campus vibe, amazing mentors and a method that changes the way you’ve been looking at learning, you’ll get an all around boost in your life.

We provide a job guarantee and great payment options too, so check those out if you’re interested.

If you have any questions, reach out! We’re here to help and answer what’s on your mind.

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